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Nutrition Push May Be a Little Better for Kids, Great for Disney

Published: June 6, 2012 / Author: Danielle Kurtzleben

The following article is an excerpt from U.S. News & World Report that quotes Adjunct Instructor Carol Phillips, Department of Marketing, about Disney’s new guidelines to cut junk food advertising. To read the entire article visit: Nutrition Push May Be a Little Better for Kids, Great for Disney

“With this new initiative, Disney is doing what no major media company has ever done before in the U.S.–and what I hope every company will do going forward.”

That is Michelle Obama’s view on Disney’s new guidelines to curb junk food advertising. It’s publicity that money can’t buy—the First Lady simultaneously heralding your company as a leader in its field and inviting other companies to follow suit. The decision clearly comes with political heft behind it, but how meaningful of a change the company is making remains in question.


While the decision may not endear the company to some of its advertisers, the company likely perceives that the positive of parental approval outweighs any animosity from the food industry.

“How it would appeal to parents of young children had to have been the No. 1 reason why to move forward,” says Carol Phillips, president of market research firm Brand Amplitude. “There’s probably lots of reasons in the not-to-do-it column, but for their brand it’s definitely a good move, I would say.”


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