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Obama’s Manufacturing Push Meets Skepticism From Experts

Published: February 15, 2012 / Author: Frank James

The following is an excerpt from a NPR article which quotes Finance Professor Jeff about “factory nostalgia” and the future of manufacturing in the United States. To read the entire article visit: Obama’s Manufacturing Push Meets Skepticism From Experts.

Manufacturing is as American as motherhood, baseball and apple pie. Who could be against Americans making more of what they consume and exporting more to the rest of the world?

Which is why President Obama was hardly taking a political risk Wednesday by going to a Master Lock factory in Milwaukee and extolling the company for repatriating manufacturing jobs from China.


That view was seconded and expanded on by Jeffrey Bergstrand, an economist at the University of Notre Dame, said in a comment distributed by the university. Of what is being called “factory nostalgia” by some.


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