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P&G scrambles to stem Pampers brouhaha

Published: May 15, 2010 / Author: David Holthaus

It’s touted as the driest diaper ever and the biggest diaper innovation in 25 years. But the new Pampers from Procter & Gamble is encountering a backlash among its target audience – moms – and it’s getting dirty.

P&G is battling claims, spread quickly via the Internet, that the new diaper causes rashes and “chemical burns,” claims that have snowballed in the online world of bloggers and social networking.

The controversy threatens to damage the reputation of P&G’s top-selling brand, which rings up $9 billion in sales a year and is being counted on to keep sales growing around the world. It’s also an example of the power of the Web and online social networking to rapidly affect – for better or for worse – the image of brands that companies have nurtured for years.

Marketing professor Pat Murphy says that “Websites and blogs can take on a life of their own.”  Read the entire article at 


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