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Samsung unveils new smartwatch that makes calls

Published: September 4, 2013 / Author: Frank Jordans

Nearly 70 years after Dick Tracy began wearing a two-way wrist radio in the funny pages, the technology that once seemed impossibly futuristic will be widely available by Christmas.

Samsung on Wednesday introduced a digital watch for the holiday season that will let users check messages with a glance at their wrists and have conversations secret agent-style.

So-called smartwatches have been around for several years. But so far, they have failed to attract much consumer interest. That may change with the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which offers the company a chance to pull off the same as feat Apple did with the iPad – popularize a type of device that has lingered mostly unnoticed on store shelves.


Brian Profitt, a technology expert and adjunct instructor of management at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, said the real question is whether the Samsung watch “will make the purchase of yet-another smart device worth it.”

“It’s great to have hands-free capabilities to take notes or snap a picture,” Profitt said. “But it is $299 great? That’s going to be the real test for the Galaxy Gear.”

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