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Solari Hospice Care to Partner with DreamCatchers

Published: July 20, 2012 / Author: Mendoza College

Imagine that you have only six months or less to live and that you are given the opportunity to make “one last wish.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that wish could come true?

That’s the idea behind the DreamCatchers program, which was founded by University of Notre Dame student Caitlin Crommett in 2009 when she was merely 16 years old! A hospice volunteer since the age of 12, Crommett felt like she wanted to do more for the patients she served, but didn’t know how. Then, as fate would have it, she happened to see the movie “Patch Adams,” in which a medical student helps a senior citizen fulfill her lifelong dream of jumping into a pool of pasta. Inspired to do all she could to make her hospice friends happy, she launched a “DreamCatchers” club at her high school in California with the purpose of connecting local students with their community hospices to grant the final wishes of patients who are terminally ill.


Crommett, who is a double major in business entrepreneurship and film/television/theatre, will be in Las Vegas from July 21-July 27 and is accompanied by Katie McElligott, a fellow University of Notre Dame student majoring in finance and economics.

“I cannot think of a better way to put my time off from school to good use than to work with a program like DreamCatchers,” says McElligott. “We really hope to reach as many people as possible and help communities across the country. I’m passionate about working with Caitlin to expand the organization nationwide, find corporate sponsors and promote the general mission of the program.”

For Crommett, DreamCatchers has “become a part of who I am now, because I love granting dreams. I hope that as many people as possible can have the opportunity to experience the joy that comes from helping these wonderful people like I have. My vision for DreamCatchers is that it will become a nationally-known foundation with many students across the U.S. involved in granting dreams for hospice patients. I hope that it will serve as a bridge between generations, as students everywhere can give back to the communities that raised them. I want to help people believe in happy endings again, and I hope that DreamCatchers can give them that hope.”

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