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Steve Jobs’ resignation is the best thing for Apple

Published: August 25, 2011 / Author: Mendoza College

The following is an excerpt from an article in the Huffington Post that quotes Management Professor Mike Mannor about Steve Job’s resignation as CEO of Apple. To read the entire article visit: Steve Jobs’ resignation is the best thing for Apple

The announcement Wednesday evening that Steve Jobs would be stepping down as CEO of Apple is certain to define an era in the company’s history, namely: Steve/After Steve. It is not the first time Jobs has left the company — he exited in 1985 before returning in 1997, and has been on medical leave since January of this year — but given Jobs’ ongoing battle with pancreatic cancer, this latest move has a certain finality to it.

For a company that has, in many ways, come to define the best of American ingenuity in the 21st century, the departure of its figurehead from day-to-day operations is not merely a line in the sand for the country’s innovation economy, but a symbolic abdication of the throne that brings with it some amount of existential despair. Apple employees and iPad owners alike are apt to be asking themselves, “Can Apple survive without Steve Jobs?”

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