Mendoza School of Business

Student Perspective: Julia Szepieniec (MSM ’21)

Published: April 15, 2021 / Author: Julia Szepieniec

Meet Julia Szepieniec, a student in our Master of Science in Management program and member of Notre Dame’s women’s rowing team. Here, she details why she chose Mendoza’s MSM program, the strong bond that exists within her cohort, and the power of diversity in the face of adversity.


Diverse perspectives, united

The Master of Science in Management (MSM) program has showcased the power of diversity in the face of adversity. The student cohort has a collection of backgrounds and talents. As a class, we have become closer as we have overcome the challenges of learning during a pandemic together.

Regardless of meeting in-person with social distancing protocols or online via Zoom, the conversations are always stimulating within the group. I have learned that each individual brings valuable knowledge and skill sets to the table. The program has emphasized this point, as the students have obtained undergraduate degrees in every area of study besides business.

We now get to grow our foundations of business knowledge within Mendoza, crossing that bridge united.

Julia Szepieniec, a graduate student in Mendoza's Master of Science in Management Class of 2021

August 13, 2020; (Photo by Matt Cashore/University of Notre Dame)

Fundamental values, strong traditions

The MSM program at Notre Dame brings the best of the best together. The talent level of the professors and your future peers is top-notch. I compared a multitude of programs across the country before deciding to join the Fighting Irish. The fundamental values and strong alumni network are woven together in every class and endeavor at Notre Dame. This truly sets the program apart.

The traditions of the school stand strong. You feel a part of the family even as a graduate student. I believe you will always feel a part of the Irish community well beyond graduation. This is a powerful connection and a choice that will positively impact the rest of your life. The investment is well worth it.

Resources for growth and success

The MSM program has provided a large array of resources and support to discern professional goals and the preparation materials to launch my future career. The program also has a variety of alumni panels, which showcase different areas of business.

The Career Development office provides one-on-one assistance to get you interview-ready, and to review resumes and polish cover letters. They have been influential in teaching online presence during this new age of tech-oriented applications and interviews.

Notre Dame provides a powerful alumni network that is happy to provide support throughout your personal journey. A fellow Domer will take an informational phone call and provide advice when approached.

Overall, the Master of Science in Management program has given me the tools to feel confident. I know that I have what it takes to compete in this job market and be successful.