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Ten Years Hence Speaker Lloyd Adams: Don’t fear technology

Published: February 9, 2014 / Author: Elyse Hight

Lloyd Adams, chief operating officer of SAP Americas’
Regulated Industries, spoke Friday at the Mendoza College of Business as part
of the “Ten Years Hence Speaker Series: The Future of Energy.”

The series aims to “explore issues, ideas and trends likely to affect business
and society over the next decade,” according to Mendoza’s website description
of the series. Adams speech discussed the technological advantage in examining
the changing business world.

“You really should stop and take pause, and wonder, where you’re going to go
from here,” Adams said to begin his lecture.

Although he focused on the increasing uses of technological advances in the
business world, Adams also emphasized the importance of individual fulfillment
in your career. Adams graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in marketing.

He said to always stop and ensure that you are happy in that moment and that
you are giving everything back you can.
Adams began working for SAP 16 years ago. He attributed his continuance with
the company to his leading role in the harnessing of big data to boost all
spectrums of business.

“In the last five years, more data has been created than ever before … which
presents huge opportunity if approached right,” he said.
“Cloud, big data, and networks are what companies are moving towards.”

Analyzing the direction of these companies, Adams said we are “a world of real-time
engagement moving towards a segment of one.”
Adams said SAP’s mission is to help organizations become best-run businesses
and their passions are based on teamwork, integrity, accountability and

“Technology and innovation are driving the four most essential dimensions of
business: customers, employees, resources and networks,” Adams said. “The
ability to explore new possibilities has changed SAP as a company.”

Due to the implementation of technology into the business world, companies are
enabled to create previously unimaginable applications and to rethink new ways
to run their businesses, Adams said.

“Wherever you go, you’re going to have to embrace technology and try to harness
your technological ability,” Adams said.
He said we should not fear technology, but rather use it to improve our lives.

Though his lecture focused on the increasing use of technology in business,
Adams made sure to leave his audience with more than just background on what
SAP does.

“When looking three or five years hence, look to go somewhere where you would
be proud to work at and someplace where you can change the game and bring it to
the next level,” Adams said.

Adams said he would recommend for students to really think about where it is
you want to go with your life and career and not settle for the first job they
are offered. “Be deliberate,” Adams said. “Be selfish. Make sure where you’re
going is some place you would want to get up on a stage and talk about.”

Note: This article originally was published in The Observer.


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