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The Value of Values: The New Business Education

Published: September 24, 2010 / Author: Monika Mitchell

Some things are worth waiting for…

The Values & Business Roundtable event held in New York last week with authors Mary Gentile, Rabbi Alan Lurie and Peter Ressler was one of them.

The occasion was hosted by Sam Simon and Bob Chase of Intersections, a maverick organization in the fields of cross-cultural dialog and values-based leadership. The evening centered on the recently published book, Giving Voice to Values: How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right (Yale University Press, 2010) and its innovative author, renowned business ethics expert Mary C. Gentile.

Carolyn Woo, Dean of Mendoza Business School at Notre Dame says, “Giving Voice to Values is exactly what we need to help our students take action. Most ethics courses focus on hypothetical decision-making and determining what is the right thing to do. We know that “knowing’ does not lead to “doing.’ This initiative empowers students to speak through their actions.”

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