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Top 5 Undergraduate Business Schools: Teaching Our Business Leaders of Tomorrow

Published: April 30, 2010 / Author: Kimberly Cummings

There are many schools that offer reasonably priced undergraduate degrees in business. Undergraduate degrees are commonly a prerequisite for higher graduate course study. Earning an undergraduate degree is often used as a stepping stone for better employment and higher pay. Many corporations and businesses will not even interview you for positions unless you have an undergraduate degree.

In my opinion the US has several great undergraduate business schools and not only do these schools offer outstanding undergraduate business programs but they are my favorites:

1. Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business offers several great undergraduate business programs.  Notre Dame is located at 204 Mendoza College of Business in Notre Dame, Indiana.  Notre Dame Mendoza Business College offers a wide array of different personalized programs. Students learn at Notre Dame how they can improve on their leadership skills and apply their studies to the real business world. In my opinion Notre Dame has a long standing history of excellence and promotes a focused undergraduate business program steeped in traditional business theory and practices. For more information on business course study call 574-631-7505.

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