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Trump Hated Low Interest Rates. Then He Became President

Published: November 2, 2017 / Author: Bloomberg Businessweek

Jeffrey Bergstrand

Donald Trump the presidential candidate denounced the Federal Reserve’s promotion of low interest rates as feeding a risky economic bubble. Now in the White House, regularly celebrating the stock market’s advances, he’s had a change of heart.

“I do like a low-interest-rate policy, I must be honest with you,” Trump told the Wall Street Journal in April, less than three months after taking office.


[Trump’s] regard for low interest rates may have improved after the expected inflation didn’t materialize and the economy continued to progress, said Jeffrey Bergstrand, a professor of finance at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business.

“There were a lot of naysayers, saying this was unprecedented; a lot of people saying this would cause hyper-inflation,” Bergstrand said. “But we know historically it worked.”

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