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WikiLeak’s Assange Behind 100s of Hackers? Arrest of 3 in Spain Tip of Iceberg

Published: June 12, 2011 / Author: Erick Hansen

The following is an
excerpt from an article in Hollywood Today
that quotesJohn D’Arcy, assistant professor of information
technology management, about the hacking attack on Sony Corp.  To read the article visit:
 WikiLeak’s Assange Behind 100s of Hackers?

Hacker turned provocateur Julian Assange, editor-in-chief of WikiLeak’s
secret has come out. He may have hundreds of hackers who align themselves with
the open-government website, according to information in the wake of three
hacker arrests in Spain.

Yet for all the United States official chagrin, it has taken a page out of
the Assange notebook. The Obama administration is leading a global effort to
deploy “shadow” Internet and mobile phone systems that dissidents can use to
undermine repressive governments that seek to silence them by censoring or
shutting down telecommunications networks.

The effort includes secretive projects to create independent cellphone
networks inside foreign countries, as well as one operation out of a spy novel
in a fifth-floor shop on L Street in Washington, where a group of young
entrepreneurs who look as if they could be in a garage band are fitting
deceptively innocent-looking hardware into a prototype “Internet in a



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