Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes this programme special? 
    • To take the time to truly reflect on your life, your impact on others, and how you interact with others, is a rare opportunity. Couple this with the care and guidance of wise faculty who care about you, your leadership and your vision, you will not want to miss this week. You will fundamentally and positively be changed ever after, and likely people will take notice.
  • What is the 360° feedback survey tool?
  • What is Executive Coaching?
    • Notre Dame Executive Coaching provides insight to build your leadership capacity, resiliency, and confidence through systematic feedback in a personalized one-on-one partnership to gain clarity on next steps for leadership development. This is a transformational component of the programme. 
  • Who might I meet at the program?
    • Senior leaders, vice presidents and directors with 15+ years of experience who are seeking to make a sustainable difference and gain a new perspective on the challenges of a highly competitive and complex environment. See video.
  • Where will I stay for the program? Is lodging included in the fee?
    • Lodging at Notre Dame’s hotel-like Global Centre at Kylemore Abbey is available for the first 14 people. Additional lodging is available at the Lough Inagh Lodge. Everyone will benefit from delicious, daily meals prepared by a private chef. 
  • What is the programme fee and what does it cover?
    • The programme fee is $8,700 for participants from for-profit organizations and $7,700 for not-for-profit organizations and it includes all faculty instruction, assessments, executive coaching, lodging, programme transportation and meals. A spouse fee of $625 is available and covers breakfasts, dinners and evening activities during the program. Please contact us for special team pricing or Notre Dame EMBA alumni rates.
    Who teaches in the programme?
    • The world-class programme faculty is a panel of highly skilled experts gathered to provide a holistic experience. All are considered Notre Dame Program Faculty. 
  • Is there a comprehensive list of all of the activities and schedules?
    • For the 16-19 October 2018, see the Schedule.
  • What do I receive after completion of the programme?
    • Upon the successful completion of this program, the participant will receive a document certifying that the participant completed the program. The document will not qualify as an academic credential, and the recipient will neither earn any academic credits nor qualify for status as a student or alumnus of the University of Notre Dame. 
  • If I have further questions, who can I contact?
    • Contact Lisa Caulfield in Ireland at +353 (0)95 41815 or Sue Callaghan in the US at +1 574-631-5285, or visit