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Monthly Multi-Day Deep Dive with Deliverables

Our program believes in creating permanent positive change and measuring outcomes. Given what you are investing in capacity building, are you seeing the impact you want in the work of your nonprofits? The fact is most busy nonprofit professionals return to work with big ideas and hope in their hearts, but often, aren’t able to implement the changes as they would like. Why? Because information overload, the pressure of day-to-day administration, and organizational resistance drags them down. I would like to work with you to change that and greatly increase the return on your philanthropic investment.

Nonprofit Certificate Education at the University of Notre Dame is part of the Mendoza College of Business, one of the top 25 business programs in the country. Our decade long partnerships with foundations and nonprofits to create certificate programs that actually lead to change has convinced us that there has to be a better way to not only teach busy nonprofit professionals, but to also ensure that the knowledge they have gained is applied to solving problems that will move their nonprofit to the next level. So we have designed the “Monthly Multi-Day Deep Dive with Deliverables”® program.

The “Monthly Multi-Day Deep Dive with Deliverables”® program is exactly what it says: a five to ten day program focused deeply on one or two topics, taught in sessions separated by a month in between with assigned homework, and a final project that benefits both the participant and the organization. The “Monthly Multi-Day Deep Dive with Deliverables”® program is brought to your area or region from the University of Notre Dame so that travel and lodging costs are low and the participation of nonprofit leaders is high. It also allows more than one leader to attend from each organization, which in turn increases the support for ideas when these professionals return to their respective organizations. As recognition of their hard work, all the participants that fulfill the requirements of the program receive a certificate of completion from the University of Notre Dame. 

Best of all, we can work together to create a program evaluation plan that will track the effectiveness of the program on the nonprofit’s operation and its social impact on the community. This will help answer the questions “Are we making a difference?” and “What is the social return on our investment?”

Finally, we are driven by mission, not money. Unlike most university certificate education programs, Nonprofit Certificate Education at the University of Notre Dame is not charged with being a revenue stream. We strive to balance our call to service to advance the professional growth of the nonprofit sector with our responsibility to be fiscally sustainable. The focus of NCE is to serve the university’s founding core purpose “To be a force for good in the world.” If you are interested in a program with a high ROI and reasonable cost from a university with such a calling to support the important work of the nonprofits in your community, please do not hesitate to contact me. In the interim, we wish you continued success in your endeavors to create lasting impact in the community you serve.

15 things that this Notre Dame “Monthly Multi-Day Deep Dive with Deliverables”® Nonprofit Certificate Program would offer that most others don’t:

  1. An academic report on the results of the program and how it made a difference in the organization and the community.
  2. Notre Dame brings the program to your community, reducing the travel costs to your nonprofit leaders and board members.
  3. It is strongly recommend that the nonprofit’s CEO, at least one influential board member, and a development person attend together as a team.
  4. Session dates and times are designed to encourage attendance.
  5. The program is customized to the nonprofit’s most important educational needs based on participant meetings and surveys.
  6. This is a deep-dive into one area of nonprofit capacity building and leadership.
  7. This as an academic certificate program with homework and final projects.
  8. The program is once a month for five months, with time to reflect, absorb and apply the knowledge presented.
  9. The homework and project/plan are designed to be applied immediately to the organization’s issues and problems.
  10. Participants are monitored by instructors in-between sessions to keep participants on track with homework and their final project/plan.
  11. A presentation of the organization’s plan is delivered by the participant team from each nonprofit.
  12. The project offers a return on investment to the organization, the participants, and the funder.
  13. An evaluation of the program outcomes will be done at 3-6 months, 1 year and two years to assess its effectiveness, thereby offering information on the social return on investment for the funder(s).
  14. The academic evaluation is designed, implemented and reported by the Center for Social Research at Notre Dame, which is independent of Nonprofit Certificate Education.
  15. An individual certificate of completion from the University of Notre Dame will be awarded.

This a Certificate Program from the University of Notre Dame with Completion Requirements: 

  • Identify a challenge to be addressed.
  • Attend all sessions for their duration.
  • Compete all implementation assignments in-between sessions.
  • Present a plan to solve their particular problem.
  • Agree to participate in a long-term evaluation process with the Center for Social Research at the University of Notre Dame.