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Seth Morales

Seth Morales

Seth Morales, '14, is vice president of business development for Morales Group, a worldwide staffing and recruiting firm.

When the stakes are high

"When my wife Jackie and I were both were accepted into the Mendoza EMBA program, we weren’t sure how we could make everything fit. We’re part of a small executive team, and we’re competing with other agencies in a fast-paced, 24/7 environment. We were concerned about both of us being out of the office. But right away, the benefits of working and being in school simultaneously became apparent, as we brought ideas from the program back to the company. In fact, at the same time that we were in school, our company was in the middle of a buy-out—it was incredibly helpful to be taking valuation classes while actually going through the valuation process."

Learning from the best

"The peer-to-peer interaction at Mendoza is amazing—definitely one of the top take-aways. You have regular access to people that you want to sit down with and ask for their insights, and there's so much opportunity to pick their brains and learn from them. The power of the network is there for you—you always know you have that backing. It actually makes a lot of sense to be surrounded by other executives when you’re entrenched in the real-world aspects of business."

An ethical heart of business

"As you study, you dig into having purpose behind your business—it's about learning how to do business the right way. You want to be competitive and make money, but at Mendoza, you learn a more holistic way to run a company."

Jackie Morales

Jackie Morales

Jackie Morales, '14, is vice president of communications and public affairs for Morales Group, a worldwide staffing and recruiting firm.

I will if you will

"My husband and I had been working together in the same business for seven years-and married for five-when we decided to apply to the program. We evaluated other programs and agreed we would go to Notre Dame if we both got in. Fortunately, we both did. And then we had a baby two months before graduation! My mother stayed in a hotel across campus with him when we came back for finals. It was our shining moment."

Seize the day

"It was a huge commitment, but one that had tremendous pay-offs. We were learning so much, we actually felt stressed if we weren't studying. You want to make sure you're doing your part in your group work, adding value. You're among a lot of type A personalities, but it's not cut-throat-in fact, the opposite. You pick up a network of professional connections. Now we know we could call any classmate with a question, and they would be more than willing to jump at it. The faculty is wonderful, too. We know we can always reach out to them for advice."

A new level of confidence

"In the last year, professionally, there's been a lot of new opportunity, and I've seen a difference in business scenarios or meetings. The work you’ve done at Notre Dame shows that you have a seat at the table. I can have an intelligent conversation with a balance sheet and an income statement-and remember, I was a journalism major."

Daniel Webster

Daniel Webster

Daniel Webster, '14, a partner with Price Waterhouse Coopers, was promoted after his graduation from Mendoza.

Bringing it all together

"When you're in business, you develop pockets of expertise over time. But I had all these business concepts in silos. The program helped me bring them together. Everything needs to operate cohesively, and being able to collaborate with others over a two-year period and see how everything interacts, from HR to IT to technical accounting-that was tremendously valuable to me."

A bonus and a bonus

"I talked to my firm about pursuing the degree and the time commitment that it would entail, and they were very supportive. In fact, after I graduated I was promoted to partner. There are multiple benefits-and one I didn't expect is the lifelong friendships. They're absolutely incredible and have improved me personally."

More planning, less TV

"I was surprised at how able I was to tie together work, school, and family life. It's a challenge, but if planned properly, it absolutely can be done. Maybe you watch a little less t.v. or don't hang out in the mornings and drink coffee for a half hour, but there was no family event that I missed out on in the two years-I was at all my son's birthday parties."

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