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Integral Leadership Development

The day you arrive on campus, your MBA journey will begin with the Integral Leadership Development (ILD) program. The foundation for ILD is rigorous, quantitatively backed self-examination. Under the guidance of highly regarded business strategists, you will spend four days participating in individual and group assignments to help you discern your most important values, strengths and weaknesses — a process that proves to be unexpectedly challenging.

The facilitators will lead you through a range of experiences, assignments, and topics throughout the week — a solitary reflection on leadership and purpose; an intense examination of each person’s guiding values with end results that often surprise participants; an introduction to the Leadership Circle, a self-assessment tool; and a frank, accessible examination of conflict in the workplace and a leader’s role in navigating it.


Anyone who chooses the Notre Dame MBA expects to be deeply changed — by internalizing values, gaining useful understanding of strengths and passions, and, especially, discovering a sense of purposeful leadership. These changes begin immediately and intensely during the first week on campus through ILD. 

Bob Anderson ILD

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