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The program comprises 35.5 credit hours over 12 months using a curriculum that provides a master's-level understanding of finance. You will gain competence through a comprehensive finance education with elective options in either Corporate Finance or Investments during both intensive on-campus sessions. 

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Class of 2020 calendar



Orientation on Notre Dame's historic campus in South Bend 

Module 1 & 2  
Financial Statement Analysis  I and II (3 cr. each) 6
Financial Statement Forecasting 1.5
Corporate Finance 4
Investments  4
*First Intensive Session—South Bend (2 courses) 2
Module 3  
Derivatives     3
Equity Valuation    3
Module 4  
Fixed Income 3
Risk Management 3
Second Intensive Session—South Bend (2 courses)  
Entrepreneurial Finance (1 Cr.) + 1 Elective Course (1 Cr.) 2
Module 5  
Mergers and Acquisitions Capstone 3
Ethics 1



*First Intensive Session—South Bend (2 courses): During this first Intensive Module, you will have the ability to take two elective courses (each elective course is 1.0 credit hour); either from the Corporate Finance concentration or the Investments concentration.

**Courses and credit hours are subject to change.


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