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Experiential Management Consulting Practices: BA UG 30213 (3 credits)

In this course you will collaborate with a premiere professional association tackling 3 separate, real-world issues affecting prominent organizations. The strategies developed during this course could significantly impact the organizations and the industry as a whole. 

Course Description

Experiential Management Consulting Practices is a course that will provide students with an understanding of, and experience with, how critical thinking and an integrated approach towards multiple business disciplines are utilized within the major businesses and Industries.  

This course will be developed and delivered in collaboration with a professional association which represents an entire industry. The progression of activities will enable students to apply learning from previous coursework, as well as approaches shared by this world-class professional-association, as they undertake the process of assembling various elements (strategy, decision making, leadership, process management, risk analysis, valuation, and implementation targets and timelines) on 3 separate “live” problems/opportunities engagements large organizations within a very important American Industry. T

he outcomes that are determined by the development of these strategies could have significant implications which are broad (regional, national, and international) in reach for these organizations as well as an entire industry.


This course will be developed & delivered in collaboration with a consulting association for an entire industry. The CEO and various other members of the organization as well as their strategic partners will be directly involved in this course.

Previous course partners included:

  • US Postal Service
  • Fair Life, Coca-Cola
  • Dairy Management Inc. (DMI)
  • National Football League (NFL)
  • Edelman
  • Fox Sports
  • Capital Automotive
  • Domino’s

Course Details: Experiential Management Consulting Practices: BA UG 30213 (3 credits)

Notre Dame junior and senior business students, regardless of their concentration, are encouraged to enroll in this course as it is not limited to simply those interested in consulting. Enrollment in this course will allow students to sharpen their ability to apply various disciplines to create an integrated approach to successfully generate business growth and value.  In this course the consulting association will also share how they, as an organization, go about this type of work.  

In addition, various articles, white papers, and other consulting practices reading will be shared, as required readings, with the students enrolled in the course.  

Class Meets Fall Semester 2016:

Fridays, from 12:30 PM until 3:15 PM (each Friday from August 26th, 2016 through December 2nd, 2016)

Two exceptions:

  1. Friday, October 21st (which is Fall Break week)
  2. Friday, November 25th, 2016 (which is the Friday of Thanksgiving week)                            

LO50 (Deloitte Tele-classroom)

Bill Brennan
Office: 312 Mendoza College of Business
Tel. (574)-631-2890
EMAIL: Brennan.50@nd.edu

Grades for this course will be determined on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory scale.

Student enrollment:    
The enrollment for this course will be limited to a maximum of 25 students and is open only to Mendoza College of Business  juniors and seniors. 

Performance Measurement:

Class Contribution

  • 20% for attendance, professionalism, participation


  • 20% for Presentation # 1
  • 20% for Presentation # 2
  • 20% for Presentation # 3
  • 20% for Final Paper:              

*Please Note: For this course, the partnering corporations or organizations may require that each participating student enter into an agreement that would affect the rights the student would otherwise have, pursuant to the University’s Intellectual Property Policy, in the work that the student produces as part of the course.  A partnering corporation or organization also may require that each participating student enter a non-disclosure agreement that would limit the student’s ability to share, with third parties, information provided to the student in connection with the course.  Please be aware that this course may involve such agreements.

"I am confident that I will be able to translate the skills that I learned and practiced in this class to my future career, and I would recommend that all Mendoza business students (regardless of their intended major) take this class!"


Katie Skorcz
Notre Dame Class of 2016

"It's pretty unique to be able to say that I’ve presented and defended an employee-engagement strategy that my team and I came up with to the CEO of a company."


Taylor Bastyr
Notre Dame Class of 2017

"I would recommend this class to those who are looking for a judgement-free and interactive learning environment to develop their business acumen and take their analytical thinking to the next level."   


Nicole Galletta
Notre Dame, Class of 2016

"Experiential Management Consulting Practices (EMCP) was by far one of my favorite classes at Notre Dame."

"No other class allows you the ability to work side by side with leading firms to solve real-world problems. "


Kyle Palmer
Notre Dame, Class of 2016

"It is an opportunity to synthesize all that you have learned in your other classes and then leverage that knowledge in collaboration with students from across Mendoza to solve real world problems. I never felt like I was in class, it was that much fun."


Blake Holzgrafe
Notre Dame Class of 2015

This class has allowed me to use the skills I've accumulated during my time at Notre Dame to help real businesses tackle real problems in a collaborative environment. The structure of the class is very conducive to learning from experts as well as fellow students. I would highly recommend taking this class! 


Angel Zambrano
Notre Dame Class of 2015