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Women in Business

Notre Dame is committed to offering women an outstanding graduate business experience. You’ll discover:

  • A demanding, relevant curriculum
  • A collaborative environment
  • A focus on holistic development
  • A commitment to ethics
  • An appreciation for the strength of diversity
  • A lifelong camaraderie through an authentic network
  • A dedication to making the world a better place

When you choose the Mendoza College of Business for a graduate business degree, you will emerge confident in your business knowledge, network and skills — ready to pursue a fulfilling career and contribute to the world.

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"A graduate business degree is an open door for students from many backgrounds, not just traditional business environments. And Notre Dame is committed to the success of our students through small class sizes, unprecedented access to faculty, one-on-one career coaching and mentoring, interview prep, and personal development. Our community is centered on helping students grow in their personal lives and build that perfect career."

Katherine Spiess
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
Associate Professor of Finance

"I'm a 787 first officer for United Airlines, as well as a flight manager in our flight operations department. As a manager and frontline employee, I interact with colleagues cross-divisionally at United. I believed an MBA would make me more effective at representing my division to shareholders, leadership and my peers. Now I'm better able to be an advocate and ambassador for our department, with the stats and data to support our positions. I'll always be a pilot first, but the skills I've learned at Notre Dame have strengthened my management and leadership capabilities and will make me a well-rounded and more effective employee at United."

Nancy Barteczko
Chicago EMBA '17
Pilot, United Airlines



"At Notre Dame, I don't have to 'sell' an ethical approach or argue for its legitimacy. It is embraced as a concept fundamental to our mission. One only need look at the number of faculty, centers, institutes and conferences examining ethical issues to get an idea of the extent to which scholarly research on this topic is embedded here."

Ann Tenbrunsel
David E. Gallo Professor of Business Ethics

"The MBA is such a flexible degree and valuable for women with many types of experience — they need to know they have this option. Women in media or nonprofits or health care often ask 'Does my experience count as business experience?' And I say, 'Yes! Yes, it counts.' And the staff and the student body at Notre Dame are behind you. I cannot stress how collaborative the Notre Dame environment is."

Leila Whitley
MBA '16
Executive Development Program, Allstate



"Mendoza taught me to look at business as a calling and a tool to make a difference in the world. And this was at a time when people were losing faith in business and business leaders. But in true Mendoza fashion, I refuse to give up on business. I once heard that true happiness comes from finding the intersection of what you love, what you’re good at and what the world needs. Mendoza helped me land in that intersection."

Andria Seneviratne
MSA '11
Senior Consultant, FSG

  • Ruth Riley EMBA '16, WNBA star and Olympic gold medalist, was named one of 30 Influential Leaders by AACSB International, the accrediting body for business schools. Read More

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  • The Graduate Women in Business organization teamed up with the Undergraduate Women in Business group in 2016 for a panel discussion, "What is an MBA and how do I get one?"

  • Dara Chesnutt and Tiffany Lee, both MBA Class of 2017, won the fall 2016 Dean Woo Leadership Award. Named for former Mendoza dean Carolyn Woo, the award honors outstanding leaders.