Mission and Endowment

In 1999 the University received a generous donation to be used to fund the work of the long-established TAX ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (TAP).

The donor of the Vivian Harrington Gray endowment describes Mrs Gray in these words:


Vivian Harrington Gray was a school teacher in northwestern Wisconsin. She supported two sons as they attended Notre Dame. Both sons studied accounting, one had a career in business and the other a career in the Army.

A grandson also studied accounting at Notre Dame. In her retirement, Mrs Gray volunteered her time to assist low income individuals in the preparation of their taxes. The endowment in her name was established by a family member to recognize her support of her children's education in accounting and her example as a volunteer.

In keeping with the spirit of Mrs Gray, the University of Notre Dame for over thirty years has served the tax needs of low income individuals by the work of the TAP. The stated purpose of the tax assistance program is "to provide free income tax return preparation service to low-income individuals on a regularly scheduled basis at convenient locations."

When the University began accepting international students for study, it realized that the students would be required to file tax returns and other reports with the US government. In the late 1980s the Tax Assistance Program was expanded to support the reporting needs of international students, researchers, visiting scholars, and faculty.

This portion of the program has grown significantly as can be seen by reviewing program statistics, especially for program years after 2000.