IT Management

IT Management Major Requirements and Elective Concentrations

The IT Management major requires 21 credits of course work. In addition, students may elect an optional concentration.

IT Management (ITM) majors take eight required courses (18 credit hours total):

MGTO 30300: Business Problem Solving 3
ITAO 30150: New Media Presentation 1.5
ITAO 30610: Application Development 3
ITAO 30620: Strategic IT 1.5
ITAO 30630: Systems Analysis and Design 3
ITAO 30640: Networking and Security 3
ITAO 40150: Quantitative Decision Modeling 1.5
ITAO 40660: Project Management 1.5

ITM majors take 3 additional credits from:

ITAO 30210: Data Analysis with Python 3
ITAO 30220: Predictive Analytics 3
ITAO 40710: Advanced Database Management 1.5
ITAO 40720: Enterprise Architecture 1.5

Concentrations for IT Management majors

(All concentrations are optional - they are not required for the major)

  • Business Analytics
  • Finance and Financial Accounting
  • Visual Interface Design

Business Analytics (CBAN)

The CBAN concentration is only open to ITM majors. It helps prepare students for rapidly growing career opportunities in the business analytics and data sciences areas by providing greater depth of knowledge in those areas, as well a significant exposure to specific analytical applications. Courses may not be counted towards both the ITM major and the CBAN concentration.

A CBAN concentrator would take 9 credits from:

ITAO 30210: Data Analysis with Python 3
ITAO 30220: Predictive Analytics 3
ITAO 30230: Data Management 1.5
ITAO 30240: Data Exploration & Visualization 1.5
ITAO 40210: SAP Predictive Analytics 1.5
ITAO 40250: Unstructured Data Analysis 1.5
ITAO 40420: Machine Learning 1.5
ITAO 40430: Social Media Analytics 1.5
ITAO 40510: Ethics of Data Analytics 1.5
ITAO 40520: Sports Analytics 1.5

Finance and Financial Accounting (CFFA)

If you are interested in both Finance and IT Management, the CFFA concentration may be a great option for you.  It will prepare you for a wide variety of careers, from positions at the interface between traders and developers in financial firms, to consulting firms, to the IT or finance divisions in any firm. 

Capacity in this concentration may be restricted, so be sure to indicate your interest soon after declaring the ITM major. Please note that though the Accountancy and Finance departments work with us to support this concentration, we cannot guarantee seats in courses outside our department.

A CFFA concentrator within ITM would take:

ACCT 30100: Corporate Financial Reporting 3
FIN 30400: Advanced Corporate Finance 3
And one of these two courses:  
ACCT 30210: Strategic Cost Management 3
FIN 30600: Investment Theory 3

Visual Interface Design (CDSN)

The CDSN concentration would prepare students with an interest in design for employment in firms that provide strategy, digital marketing and technical services in the eCommerce arena. This concentration has limited capacity, depending on the design department, and must be started in the junior year at latest, so rising juniors should declare their interest as early as possible, especially if they are considering a semester abroad.

A CDSN concentrator within ITM would take a total of 10 credit hours:


DESN 20101 VCD1: Introduction to Graphic Design

  • co-req: DESN 21102 VCD Software Tutorial



And two of these three courses:  
DESN 20120 VCD3: Web Design 3
DESN 20120 VCD7: Interaction Design 3
ITAO 40780: Building Web Applications 3