The Department of Management & Organization offers a bachelor’s degree in Management Consulting and a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Mendoza College of Business students.  The Department offers a concentration in Business Intelligence.  At the MBA level, the Department supports concentrations in Consulting, Strategic Leadership, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

Management & Organization Department Major:

Management Consulting: Students learn to manage people and processes within both large and small organizations or to consult organizations on those management issues. A particular emphasis is placed on managing within organizations facing the challenges of rapid change and increased competition. The major is designed to provide sufficient flexibility for students to prepare for several career paths by preparing students to think systematically about the processes through which organizations achieve excellence.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor

The Mendoza College of Business offers an interdisciplinary minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship to students enrolled in the College.  Through unique, immersive learning experiences, the minor helps students build the entrepreneurial confidence needed to identify emerging opportunities and lead the launch of new ventures. The minor provides students with a high-impact capstone experience that can be tailored to suit students' interests and future career plans. Students who combine a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with one of the traditional business majors can find employment via starting a new venture or incorporate areas of research and development, new product development, strategic planning, or venture capital investing.

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