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Barry P. Keating is currently a professor of economics and business analytics in the Department of Finance at the University of Notre Dame. Barry has also served on the faculty of Virginia Polytechnic and State University, as chair of the Notre Dame Department of Finance, as manager of the Journal of Public Choice, and as Salvatori Faculty Fellow at the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C. Barry has consulted for Accenture, the Institute of Business Forecasting, and Forecast X. As co-author of Business Forecasting (McGraw-Hill), now in its Sixth Edition (and soon to be published Seventh Edition), his primary area of interest involves the use of analytics in solving corporate supply chain problems and forecasting. He is currently studying how non-linear models are used in supply chain management. Barry’s work has appeared in Public Choice, The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, and Applied Business Research, among others. Barry has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, NBC News, and he may be viewed as a primary instructor on Notre Dame's MOOC: Understanding Wireless, released: May 11, 2015.

Areas of Expertise

Predictive Analytics / Business Forecasting

Experimental Economics

Economic Regulation and Government Policy

Not-for-Profit Organizations


BBA, University of Notre Dame

MA, Lehigh University

Ph D, University of Notre Dame


Forecasting & Predictive Analytics

Business Forecasting & Predictive Analytics


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