F. Asis Martinez-Jerez

Associate Professor

F. Asis  Martinez-Jerez

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In his research, Asís focuses on issues related to accounting information and control systems to implement customer-centric strategies, as well as on corporate governance and its interaction with accounting information. His work has been published in The Accounting Review, Management Science and American Economic Journal among others. A native of Alicante, Spain, Asís earned his undergraduate degrees in Law and Business Administration at ICADE-Madrid, and his MBA from Harvard Business School. His professional experience includes working for La Suisse Assurances in Lausanne, Switzerland, and consulting for McKinsey & Co. in Europe and Latin America. Asís received his Ph.D. in Business Economics from Harvard University in 2002. Prior to joining Notre Dame in 2013, he taught MBA and Executive Education courses at HBS. In 2005, Asís received the HBS-MBA Class Award for Teaching Excellence, and the Jim Bulloch Award for Innovation in Management Accounting Education in 2010. At Mendoza he will be teaching Strategic Cost Management to undergraduate accountancy majors. Asís enjoys the company of his lovely wife, María José, and often escapes to New York to visit his daughters, Victoria and Aitana.

Areas of Expertise

Performance Measurement and Management

Corporate Governance

Strategy Implementation

Customer Centric Organizations

Management Accounting


Ph D, Harvard University

MA, Harvard University

MBA, Harvard Business School

BS, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, ICADE, Madrid

BA, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, ICADE, Madrid


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