Lily Morse

Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Associate

Lily  Morse

Contact Information

  • Office: 305B Mendoza College of Business
  • Phone: 574-631-5317
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I am currently a Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Associate at the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame.

My research interests include ethics in groups and organizations, moral personality and character traits, and intergroup relations. A primary focus of my research investigates how moral character influences engagement in unethical behavior that benefits the organization and/or its members.

I earned my Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Theory from Carnegie Mellon University in Spring 2016. 


Teaching Interests

Negotiations and Conflict Resolution, Business Ethics, Ethical Leadership, Organizational Behavior

Teaching Experience 


  • Managing Virtues and Vices in the Workplace, Fall 2016 (MBA)
  • Negotiations and Conflict Resolution, Spring 2016 (Undergraduate)
  • Negotiations and Conflict Resolution, Spring 2015 (Undergraduate)

Teaching Assistant

  • Negotiations
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Introduction to Organizational Behavior
  • Organizational Design and Implementation


Morse, L., & Cohen, T. R. (2015). Virtues and Vices in Workplace Settings: The Role of Moral Character in Predicting Counterproductive and Citizenship Behaviors. In A. Sisón (Eds.), Handbook of Virtue Ethics in Business and Management. Springer.

Cohen, T. R., & Morse, L. (2014). Moral character: What it is and what it does. Research in Organizational Behavior, 34, 43-61.

 Cohen, T. R., Panter, A. T., Turan, N., Morse, L.  & Kim, Y. (2014). Moral Character in the Workplace. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology107(5), 943-963.

Cohen, T. R., Panter, A. T., Turan, N., Morse, L., & Kim, Y. (2013). Agreement and similarity in self-other perceptions of moral character. Journal of Research in Personality, 47, 816-830.