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Sam  Miller

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Sam Miller is an Associate Teaching Professor teaching course in Strategic Foresight, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Mendoza College of Business. From 2014-2017, Sam served as Director of the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship in the Mendoza College leading a team in the education and advocacy of entrepreneurship inside and outside of the classroom. In this role, he worked with a broad range of startups during the discovery and validation stages of the venture creation process. Previously served as Vice President of Strategy for Cardno/JFNew, a leading ecological consulting firm. In this capacity, he led innovation and strategy initiatives for this firm of over 100 ecological scientists. Prior to that, Sam owned and managed two small manufacturing businesses, building and successfully exiting each. In 2015 Sam was recognized as one of the top 100 entrepreneurship professors worldwide by the tech think tank HotTopics. In 2009, Sam was recognized as one of “21 People Who Will Change Business” by BusinessWeek.

Areas of Expertise


BA, University of Illinois

MS, Northwestern University

MBA, University of Michigan


Launching New Ventures

New Venture Creation

Strategic Foresight

Thesis Defense

Entrepreneurial Insights

Foresight in Business and Society

Entrepreneurship - Go To Market

Innovation & Design


"Addressing Global Challenges with Actionable Foresight", (with Tim Balko, Chad Harms), UN PRME, 2013.


UND Shamrock Series Executive Presentation, "The Future of Executive Talent Development" (October 4, 2013).

University of Notre Dame, "The Future Belongs to Entrepreneurs" (September 3, 2013).