Mendoza School of Business

Information Systems Research

Rigorous and impactful research into information technologies and data analytics in business and society.


Selected Recent Publications:

Abbasi, A., Li, J., Adjeroh, D., Abate, M., & Zheng, W. (2019). Don’t Mention It? Analyzing User-Generated Content Signals for Early Adverse Event Warnings. Information Systems Research, 30(3), 1007-1028.

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Berente, N., Salge, C., Mallampalli, V.K.T., Park, K. “Rethinking Project Escalation: An Institutional Perspective on the Persistence of Failing Large-Scale Information System Projects,” Journal of Management Information Systems, forthcoming.

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Son, Y., Oh, W., Im, I. The Voice of Commerce: How Smart Speakers Reshape Digital Content Consumption and Preference. MIS Quarterly, forthcoming.

Yang, K., Lau, R.Y.K., and Abbasi, A. “Getting Personal: A Deep Learning Artifact for Text-based Measurement of Personality,” Information Systems Research, forthcoming.