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The M.S. in Management and Beyond

New MSM alum reflects on a year of growth, community, and leadership

Author: Carter Loesch, MSM '23

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I was excited from the moment I stepped on the campus of the University of Notre Dame: I knew I was in for a transformative experience. I knew I would be challenged academically and socially, but also this was a place where I could further shape myself as a part of the ND community. I am eternally grateful for the lessons I’ve learned and all the incredible friends I have made along the way. Here at Notre Dame, I became a leader, I became confident, and I became Carter Loesch.

Carter Loesch MSM ’23

The Notre Dame community has vibrant and diverse backgrounds, with unique perspectives that engage you as a student. At Notre Dame, you need to embrace diversity – everyone has a story to share and the capable nature to make a difference inside and outside of the classroom. I gained a deeper understanding of culture, ideologies, and vast worldviews. I grew to appreciate our differences and see our world colliding because of this special university. My growth developed as I embraced our differences and challenged preconceptions accordingly.

Notre Dame’s culture is unlike any other. Community permeates every aspect of life on campus – from the walk to classes to the tailgates for football games. The spirit of Notre Dame makes stepping onto campus feel magical, and it doesn’t just happen the first time: it happens on the second, the third, and the fourth. It continues to build your faith each and every day: not even religious faith, but faith that you are involved in something incredibly important, every single day.

The shared values and vision for service rings tender, strong, and true. At Notre Dame, there is a commitment to service – there is a sense of belonging on this campus and the MSM program equipped me for these moments to grow together and “Grow the Good” in business.

Navigating the school-life balance can be challenging, but it is well worth it for the lessons and grace you gain along the way. By utilizing a thoughtful intention and having mindfulness of the mission of the university, you see everything on your time, not just the academics, which helps you grow and develop as a proper citizen. Setting realistic goals and establishing a routine is crucial. Take care of yourself and follow your passions, no one will give you anything, and if you want something, you need to show others and show yourself that you want it. Notre Dame will help you see that drive to succeed. Balance your life to make the long nights of studying worthwhile.

Another differentiating factor about Notre Dame is the faculty. ND professors genuinely care about the topics they teach, and they have a dedication to the “family” of students. Faculty treat students as equals and create a professional and interconnected environment where students grow. There is a push for critical thinking, collaboration, and making a true difference with learning. I always felt challenged, supported, and inspired.

The University of Notre Dame is special. My experience was a transformative one. I served as the Vice President of the MSM class, started a podcast and recorded over 40+ episodes with 10k+ plays, created a lucky charm business based on the ND campus, fell in love, and worked 2 jobs. I felt whole on this campus. Notre Dame has shaped me in ways I never imagined, equipping me not only with knowledge and skills but also with a deep sense of community and a passion for lifelong learning.

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