John A. Berges Lecture Series in Business Ethics – Tom Carmazzi


Location: Jordan Auditorium, Mendoza College of Business

Speaker: Tom Carmazzi, CEO of Tuthill Corporation

Title of Lecture:  Ethics Are a Reflection of Your Culture: Do You have the Culture You Want?

As CEO, Tom has but one job, and that’s to bring Tuthill’s COMPASS to life.  COMPASS is a special document that describes Tuthill’s reason for being, its definition of ultimate success, and the ongoing focus of its profitmaking activities.  It also speaks directly to the spacious environment the company will maintain and the responsibilities entrusted to each member of the Tuthill community.

Tom has shared the story of Tuthill’s journey to become a “conscious company” in many distinguished forums.  He so believes in what his company is doing that he wants everyone with an interest to benefit from hearing about the ten years of hits and misses he’s witnessed as the company has undergone a profound transformation – a transformation that began as an intensely personal journey for Tom & a couple of close collaborators – and a transformation that is still very much underway.

Two decades ago, Tom was completely unable to foresee the path his life would take.  He was busy scaling the corporate ladder, first in the financial world, next in business development, and finally in manufacturing.  He leaned heavily on numbers, hard work, and courage.  Who could have guessed that two decades later Tom would find himself, happy as he could possibly be, in a place where affairs of the heart are the keys to the castle.

A long, long time ago, Tom thought his education was mostly complete once he’d collected degrees from the University of Cincinnati and the University of Chicago.  Tom is married to his high school sweetheart.  He and Deb have two children aged 23 & 20.  In addition to his Chicago-centric credentials, Tom is a member of the Parents Board at Westminster College in Salt Lake.

Tuthill Corporation is a 125 year family owned manufacturer of pumps, meters, blowers, and vacuum systems used in the foundational markets of agriculture, energy, construction, food & beverage, and wastewater treatment.

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Free and open to the Notre Dame Community and the Public

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