2018 Nonprofit Breakfast Series - Maximizing Communication with your board (Two of four-part series)


Location: Mendoza College of Business

Join us for the second session of four-part series designed to help nonprofit organizations and community volunteers learn how to recruit, educate and retain a committed and effective board of directors.

Alice Obermiller

7:00 – 8:00 AM | Hot breakfast in the Mendoza College of Business Atrium

Presenter: Alice Obermiller, Associate Director for Experiential Learning and Concurrent Assistant Teaching Professor, University of Notre Dame

Board productivity is partially dependent on the culture the board operates within. This culture is influenced by the collective characteristics of the board, best observed through the interactions of the board members. If you’ve ever found it difficult to communicate with your board, the culture and the communication style emerging from the board may be why. During this session, Alice will offer a framework for looking at these less tangible aspects of the board environment to address questions like, Why is it so hard for my board to see the larger vision for managing new opportunities or challenges? How is it that my board can generate a million ideas, but execute on so few? Why do I walk away from meetings feeling like my thoughts and opinions were dismissed? Along with the opportunity to assess your board through this framework, you will also have the opportunity to assess and compare your own interaction style to identify potential barriers and pathways for maximizing and enhancing your communications. This same framing can also be useful in working with your staff and organization as a whole.

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