Diogo Bolster, Tom Frecka and Pat Murphy ,


Diogo Bolster, Tom Frecka and Pat Murphy
Diogo Bolster, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
There is an ever-growing concern for the impact we have on the earth and its resources. As such, it has become critical to study and understand the influence of our actions so as to minimize negative impacts and continue to fruitfully exploit the resources available. Motivated by this and his personal passion for fluid dynamics, most of Dr. Bolster's research to date has concerned the study of environmental fluid flows and contaminant transport across a wide range of scales and scenarios from groundwater flows in porous media, to confined buoyancy-driven flows in enclosed spaces such as buildings to larger scale buoyancy-driven atmospheric flows such as gravity currents.

In most projects, Dr. Bolster has developed simple mathematical and numerical models in the hope of providing useful and useable tools to practitioners and policy makers for whom such tools are essential for effective decision-making. He has also run laboratory scale experiments to obtain further insight into the physical phenomena taking place and to verify the models he developed.

The specific areas of research in which Dr. Bolster works include: contaminant transport in coastal aquifers, multiphase flow and reactive contaminant transport in heterogeneous porous media (with potential applications to CO2 sequestration), pore scale modeling of contaminant transport, probabilistic risk assessment relating to contamination scenarios, intrusive gravity currents, transient flows in naturally ventilated spaces, contaminant transport in lo- energy buildings and vortex rings.

Tom Frecka, Professor Emeritus, Department of Accountancy
Professor Frecka began his academic career at the University of Illinois in 1977 and then joined the University of Notre Dame as Chair of the Department of Accountancy in 1990, serving in that capacity for eight years. He is the Vincent and Rose Lizzadro Professor of Accounting at Notre Dame. He teaches courses in financial reporting, accounting fraud examination, and valuation in litigation support services in the traditional MBA, Executive MBA and M.S. in Accountancy programs. He was instrumental in the development of the M.S. in Accountancy and the Ernst & Young Your Master Plan programs that have graduated over one hundred fifty students each year. In recent years, he has worked to develop and pilot a course called Foresight in Business and Society that has become a requirement for all Mendoza College of Business undergraduates starting in 2009, and a Business of Energy course to be offered for the first time in 2012. He has over fifty publications, among them publications in major accounting and finance journals including The Accounting Review, the Journal of Accounting Research, Accounting Horizons, Issues in Accounting Education and the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. Recent publications include,” Trends in the International Battle against Bribery and Corruption,” with Margot Cleveland, Chris Favo and Charles Owens, in the Journal of Business Ethics, and “ Rekindling the Debate: An Evaluation of Masters of Accountancy Programs—the Student’s Perspective,” with Phil Reckers, in Issues in Accounting Education. He recently completed a term on the Faculty Board on Athletics and presently serves on the University’s Energy and Environmental Issues Committee, committees to establish Sustainability and Energy minors at Notre Dame, the Center for Sustainability Energy Internal Advisory Board, and the Notre Dame Task Force on Community Engagement.

Pat Murphy, Professor, Department of Marketing
Patrick E. Murphy specializes in marketing and business ethics issues. His recent work has focused on normative perspectives for ethical and socially responsible marketing, distributive justice as it relates to marketing decision making, emerging ethical concerns in advertising, and ethics and the ethical foundations of relationship marketing. His articles have won “best paper” awards from the Journal of Advertising, Journal of Macromarketing, and the European Journal of Marketing. Professor Murphy teaches courses in business ethics, marketing ethics, and corporate sustainability. He has taught previously at Marquette University and spent sabbaticals at the Federal Trade Commission and University College Cork in Ireland. His Ph.D. is from the University of Houston, M.B.A. from Bradley University and BBA from Notre Dame.