Specialized Master's Programs



In this program, you will learn to apply analytics techniques for “big data” including data mining, data storage and manipulation, data visualization, statistics, modeling, optimization, and simulation in a variety of business areas such as finance, operations, and marketing.

The program comprises an intense 30 credit hours over 12 months that provide a master's-level understanding of business analytics and position you to use data to inform complex business decisions.

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Class of 2019 calendar

Opening Module  (South Bend)  
Introduction to Business Analytics 1.5
Module I  
Data Management Tools & Techniques 2
Data Visualization & Exploration  2
Statistics for Management Decision Making 1   2
Module 2  
Business Decision Modeling 2
Data Mining Tools & Techniques 1 2
Statistics for Management Decision Making 2 2
Intensive Case Module  (South Bend)  
Integrated Analytics Practices             1.5
Module 3  
Data Mining Tools & Techniques 2 2
Ethics and Big Data Analytics 1.5
Financial Analytics for Business Decision Modeling 1.5
Predictive Analytics & Forecasting Models 1.5
Module 4  
Marketing and Customer Analytics 1.5
Emerging Issues in Analytics 1.5
Operations Analytics & Process Improvement 1.5
Social Media Analytics 1.5
Capstone Module  (Chicago/South Bend)  
Analytics Capstone Project  2.5


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