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Grow the good in business.

The Notre Dame MBA is a purposeful choice for future and existing leaders who believe in the critical importance of shared value—within teams, for companies, across communities, for society as a whole.

From product vision to execution at scale, from building teams to managing workforces, from traditional operating models to new models fueled by data and analytics, we teach you to compete by growing towards the best version of yourself—and through helping others do the same; to cooperate with everyone around you—with a special focus on those with the greatest needs; to powerfully contribute to a better future for all humanity—as a leader who serves the greater good.


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Integral Leadership Development.

The Notre Dame MBA is grounded in quantitatively-backed self-assessment tools that fuel leadership awareness—of strengths and weaknesses; of purpose and core values; of a leader’s role in navigating conflict, resolution and growth.

Real-World Learning, on The Front Lines.

Case studies give you a sense of what’s possible, but real-world experiences give you the opportunity to drive tangible results and actual impact. While earning your Notre Dame MBA, you develop, apply, and hone your evolving skills—all in the service of real challenges at the intersection of business and society.

A Community of Mutual Advancement.

At Notre Dame, competition is anything but a zero-sum game. Instead, it is a shared voyage towards the best version of oneself. And at every step of that journey, the Notre Dame community—fellow students, faculty, staff, alumni—are here to support and inspire each student to achieve all they can in business, and all they can for the world.

A Launchpad to Grow the Good in Business.

Your trajectory as a leader unfolds during your time at Notre Dame, and where you land matters. You might grow the good in healthcare or in financial services; in technology or consumer products; as a consultant or as a marketing leader. Whatever path you choose, the Notre Dame community is by your side—connecting you to a career best suited to your skills and values, to your sense of unique purpose and potential.

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MBA Programs

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Two-Year MBA

A traditional MBA experience rooted in analytics and leadership bolstered by a close-knit program of students with diverse backgrounds. You’ll choose from five majors, three of which are STEM-designated, to focus your path. Your time at Notre Dame will support your growth as you work to achieve your personal and professional goals.

  • Average work experience: 5.1 years
  • Program duration: 2 years
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One-Year MBA

An accelerated one-year program to set your budding business career on a new trajectory with a focus on analytics and leadership. You’ll focus your education on one of five majors, three of which are STEM-designated, to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. You’ll also join one of the most powerful alumni networks in the world.

  • Average work experience: 5.1 years
  • Program duration: 1 year
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More Dual MBA Degrees

You can pair your MBA with a Law degree or a Master’s in Global Affairs. For Notre Dame undergraduates in science or engineering, you can jump-start your career with specially-designed MBA pairings.

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