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Grow the Good in Business: The Mendoza Difference

In 1921, the Mendoza College of Business’ founding dean Rev. John Cardinal O’Hara, C.S.C., charged “Notre Dame’s business school” with being a force for good in society.

Today, this imperative defines the College’s mission and powers its vision for the future: to educate servant leaders who contribute to human flourishing, cooperate in solidarity and compete through growing toward the best version of themselves with the help of God and others.

We’ve reimagined business school as a place where openness, curiosity, collaboration and contributing to the human community are integral parts of your educational experience. We’re interested in helping you grow intellectually, spiritually and emotionally through a uniquely Notre Dame undergraduate business program that is flexible and customizable to suit a broad range of interests, talents and career aspirations.

#7 Undergraduate Program
Poets & Quants (2024)

#4 Global Alumni Network
Financial Times (2024)

99% Career Placement
ND First Destination Report (Class of 2022)

A Flexible Curriculum

The Undergraduate Business Core provides more opportunities to specialize in a secondary discipline while balancing coursework in business and liberal arts.

Dean in academic regalia shaking hands with a student in commencement attire
Honors and Fellows

Programs like our Business Honors Programs provide opportunities to join a collaborative community of top scholars.

group of laughing Mendoza students with Ugandan students
Experiential Learning

Hands-on, collaborative and reflective learning experiences challenge students to think deeply about real-world problems in global settings.

Careers and Leadership

Mendoza graduates enjoy a placement rate of 99% with some of the world’s top companies.

Undergraduate Voices


Class of 2026 Alex began his college search by considering what was most important to him. At the top of the list were his faith life and his desire for a holistic education. "You’re not just another number or another application here. You’re definitely viewed as a person who is a part of the Notre Dame family.”


Class of 2024 Savannah combined her interests in business and computer science by adding a minor in digital marketing to her computer science major, giving her the best of both worlds. “I think my academic combination is really cool and will lead me down a great path career-wise. Whether I’m coding, completing an engineering project, or doing something in between, I can definitely apply some business and networking skills."

Julia Warden standing in front of a building in Oxford

Class of 2024 Julia, a double major in Business Analytics and film studies, made research a focal point of her academic experience as a business student. “Not only has [my research project] made me a more independent person, it’s enhanced my critical thinking.”

Meaghan Northup and a friend outside the main building

Class of 2025 As a student with learning disabilities, Meaghan Northup ’25 found the key to academic success at Notre Dame was through realizing her differences could be her strengths. “I am so grateful to be in a place that supports me and allows me to grow in my academics, social life, and personal life.”

Join a family. Become part of a tradition of caring.

Your classes will be small by design, allowing for individual attention from professors and personalized guidance on your career. Once you graduate from Notre Dame, you’ll join one of the most powerful alumni networks in the world with more than 155,000 active alumni in 266 alumni clubs around the world, who are always willing to help.

Mendoza Community


Upon application to Notre Dame, all students are asked to make a non-binding indication of the college or school, and specific major or discipline they intend to pursue. Applicants who indicate an intent to enroll into the Mendoza College of Business will be informed at the time of admission whether they are approved to do so. Those who are accepted by Notre Dame, but not approved for Mendoza, may pursue any other college and major and avail themselves of the transfer application processes noted below if their interest in business continues. Students approved to major in business who change their minds, are free to major in any other college or school at Notre Dame. The timing of the switch may have consequences, however, that should be carefully considered.

First-Year students at Notre Dame who were not previously approved for Mendoza have two opportunities to apply for transfer into the College of Business during their first year. First-Year students who are interested in pursuing business are encouraged to let their FY advisor know so they can advise them on course selection in the first year. Transfers into Mendoza will not be considered outside of the two application windows in the first year and all internal transfers must be accepted into Mendoza prior to the start of their sophomore year. The application process is highly competitive.

Applications for external transfer to Mendoza from another university occur in the spring of the freshman year and are contingent upon successful completion of one year at another institution. This is a highly competitive process. External transfers must matriculate as a first semester sophomore into the Mendoza College of Business.

All transfer students are expected to complete, at a minimum, a semester of Calculus and Principles of Microeconomics prior to the start of the sophomore year.

For more information about admission to the University of Notre Dame or the Mendoza College of Business, please contact the Notre Dame Office of Admissions at (574) 631-7505 or

Mendoza Majors and Minors

Did you know? Mendoza College of Business students can now double major in any two business majors (excluding Business Analytics).
student in professional attire standing in a classroom with a stack of accountancy books

Acquire the ability to analyze, communicate and forecast the economic activity of a business.

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aerial view of two students walking on a paved path through a green grassy courtyard
Business Analytics

Become adept at making sound business decisions by analyzing and understanding the big data behind them.

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closeup of a student writing in a notebook

Examine the causes and discover new solutions to the financial challenges our world faces today.

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Strategic Management

Learn to manage people and processes within organizations or to consult with organizations on management issues.

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Notre Dame students at the Chief Marketing Officer Summit

Develop the analytical thinking, strategic ability and creativity needed to understand the consumer experience, pricing and decision-making in today’s markets.

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students talking at a table

Gain a comprehensive foundation in accounting, from basic principles to specialized areas like data analytics, auditing, and taxation.

  • Open To: non-business majors
  • Total Credit Hours: 15 CH
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Business and the Common Good

A unique blend of business education and ethical reflection, this minor aims to equip students with both the practical skills needed for a career in business and a deep understanding of how business can positively impact society and contribute to the common good.

  • Open To: Mendoza College of Business majors
  • Total Credit Hours: 15 CH
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Notre Dame MBA students visit PayPal
Business Technology

Understand how technology intersects with business as you navigate and contribute to the rapidly evolving field of business technology, with a strong emphasis on data management, digital innovation, and ethical considerations.

  • Open To: Mendoza College of Business Majors
  • Total Credit Hours: 15 CH
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students in marketing class
Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing Minor provides students with a thorough understanding of digital marketing in the context of today’s highly connected and digital world. Students learn to create effective social media strategies, manage online customer engagement, and use analytics to measure success.

  • Open To: non-business majors
  • Total Credit Hours: 15 CH
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instructor speaking in front of class

The Finance Minor offers a balanced mix of essential finance courses and specialized electives, ensuring that students gain both foundational skills and the ability to explore specific financial topics in depth.

  • Open to: Mendoza College of Business Majors
  • Total Credit Hours: 15 CH
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two students in lab coats with machine
Foundations of Business

This minor is tailored for science students seeking to build their skills and knowledge in business fundamentals, broadening career prospects in a world where science and business increasingly intersect.

  • Open To: College of Science Majors
  • Total Credit Hours: 15 CH
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group of laughing Mendoza students with Ugandan students
Impact Consulting

The Impact Consulting Minor is a unique, multi-semester program which combines traditional academic learning with practical, hands-on consulting experiences, focusing on creating solutions for global challenges.

  • Open to: Mendoza College of Business Majors
  • Total Credit Hours: 15 CH
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people standing near sports car
Innovation & Entrepreneurship

As a student in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship minor, you will join other ethical innovators in creating businesses that make the world a better place. In the process, you’ll develop your business skills, gain real-world experience and learn first-hand what it takes to bring your ideas to life.

  • Open to: All Majors
  • Total Credit Hours: 15 CH
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Real Estate

The Minor in Real Estate is is a versatile program that not only educates students about the key elements of real estate but also integrates various disciplines, reflecting the multifaceted nature of real estate which encompasses accounting, architecture, engineering, economics, finance, and law.

  • Open To: All Majors
  • Total Credit Hours: 15 CH
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