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Undergraduate Program

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Vision, Strategy and Values for Future Leaders.

Founded in 1921, the College has faithfully followed the charge of its founding dean, John Cardinal O’Hara, CSC. “The primary function of commerce is service to mankind.” The Mendoza College of Business emphasizes innovative coursework, engaged faculty teaching in small-class settings, experiential learning opportunities and exposure to the top global business leaders. Students gain the vision to think about the big picture, and the knowledge and tools to answer the big questions – from how to choose a career path to how business can change society for the better.

A business degree from the University of Notre Dame means far more than understanding spreadsheets or tax codes. It’s about developing your whole self – your faith, your values, your intellect and your passions. It’s about learning through doing, dreaming the big dreams, and becoming part of Notre Dame – a family committed to your success, a community dedicated to changing the world.

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Highlights: Undergraduate Business

The Mendoza College of Business Undergraduate Studies program provides students with the opportunity to gain an excellent business education built on the traditions of high achievement and values that form the foundation of the University of Notre Dame.

Preparing the Complete Student

To ensure a holistic experience, the undergraduate curriculum is integrated with a rich variety of classes in liberal arts, science, theology and other programs across the University. Students also may choose to expand their horizons by spending a semester studying abroad in one of more than 40 programs in 20 different countries.

History of Excellence

The standard of all academic departments at Notre Dame is excellence, and the Mendoza College of Business is no different. The College has consistently ranked as one of the best in the country and in 2018, it is ranked No. 5 by Poets & Quants.

A Network of Opportunity

Your classes will be small by design, allowing for individual attention from professors and personalized guidance on your career. Once you graduate from Notre Dame, you’ll join one of the most powerful alumni networks in the world with more than 144,000 active alumni in 270 alumni clubs around the world, who are always willing help.

Student Life at Notre Dame

College is not a four-year decision, it is a 40-year decision. The people you meet, the encounters with different ways of thinking, even the alumni community that you will join will shape your future as much as the degree you earn and the career path you choose.

At Notre Dame, you’ll have opportunities to join fellow students in cheering on the Irish’s legendary athletic teams, attend concerts, hear world-class speakers and live out the Notre Dame mission by participating in community service projects.

No matter your academic path or personal background, there is a student club to support your development. Below are examples of student organizations specifically oriented toward business, which are sure to match your interests, enhance your educational experience and plug you into student life at Notre Dame.

  • Beta Alpha Psi
  • Beta Gamma Sigma
  • Entrepreneurship Society of Notre Dame
  • Finance Club
  • The League of Black Business Students
  • Marketing Club
  • Notre Dame Accounting Association (NDAA)
  • Notre Dame Information Technology, Analytics, and Operations (NDITAO) Club
  • Student International Business Council (SIBC)
  • Undergraduate Women in Business Association

Career Development

Undergraduate Career Services is made up of two teams: the Engagement Team and the Exploration Team. The Engage Team primarily works with first year students and sophomores who are reflecting on their values, interests, personality and skills. After a student identifies a particular industry to research, the Exploration Team provides career counseling support. All of our staff are located in the 504 south suite of Duncan Student Center.

Business Majors at Notre Dame

At Notre Dame, we realize your time here with us is short, but your potential to affect humanity for the better is infinite. Whether your passion is for finance or marketing, or you envision a career in health care or technology, we provide the tools and experiences you need to realize your goals and dreams.

Mendoza School of Business
Mendoza School of Business
Mendoza School of Business
Mendoza School of Business
Mendoza School of Business

Business Minors at Notre Dame

Non-business majors may declare a minor in Accountancy prior to the start of their junior year.

Non-business majors may apply for a minor in Digital Marketing prior to the start of their junior year.

You may declare a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the fall of your sophomore year with an expectation of starting coursework in the spring.

All undergraduate students may apply for a minor in Real Estate prior to the start of their junior year.

Mendoza School of Business
Mendoza School of Business
Mendoza School of Business
Mendoza School of Business
Mendoza School of Business

Business Honors Program

This program takes a deeper look at the moral purpose of business and how it can contribute to human flourishing. Admission is open to all Notre Dame First-Year students pre-admitted to Mendoza as well as to those seeking to transfer into Mendoza.

Acceptance into the Business Honors Program is competitive. To qualify, you must clearly demonstrate an interest in advancing business as a force for contributing to human flourishing, as well as a high level of academic achievement and intellectual curiosity.

Expected enrollment is 40 students per cohort.

You will participate in the Business Honors Program during your final three years in the College and complete six honors courses total — two in each of three categories:

  • Two honors sections of courses on the Catholic social teaching on business: Honors Business Ethics and an honors section of a Catholicism and the Disciplines course. (Example course: Honors Why Business?)
  • Two honors sections of intermediate-level courses required within the majors. (Example courses: Honors Corporate Finance, Honors Strategic Management, Honors Marketing Decision Making)
  • Two honors courses with advanced and accelerated material that are electives within the major. (Example courses: Accounting Research, Corporate Disclosure: Accounting Institutions and Academic Research, Applied Investment Management, Advanced Investment Strategies, Designing for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence*, Theory & Research in Strategy*, Theory & Research in Organizational Behavior*)

You also will participate in two one-credit-hour honors colloquia that will engage you in important conversations with business executives and researchers from across campus.

*these courses are first-year Ph.D.-level courses cross-listed as undergraduate honors sections

The college will accept applications from First Year students and incoming transfer students during the spring semester.

The application deadline for the Class of 2024 (including first round internal transfer students) has passed.  

Students will need to be logged into their Notre Dame Google account to access the form, and the form needs to be completed in a single session. You should gather this information to successfully complete the form:

  • A current resume
  • Name and contact information for a campus faculty or staff reference Note: your reference will not need to submit a letter of recommendation; the selection committee will only contact your reference if necessary.
  • Your course grades and GPA from the Fall 2020 semester
  • Two personal statements (max of 2,000 characters each) in response to these prompts:
    1. Describe how your business career will contribute to human flourishing.
    2. Describe how your participation in the Business Honors Program will help you to achieve your goals.

We recommend that you draft your statements separately and then paste them into the web form. The form will strictly limit each statement to 2,000 characters.


First Year Applicants Interested in the BBA Degree
Upon application to Notre Dame, all students are asked to make a non-binding indication of the college or school, and specific major or discipline they intend to pursue. Applicants who indicate an intent to enroll into the Mendoza College of Business will be informed at the time of admission whether they are approved to do so. Those that are accepted by Notre Dame, but not approved for Mendoza, may pursue any other college and major and avail themselves of the transfer application processes noted below if their interest in business continues. Students approved to major in business who change their minds, are free to major in any other college or school at Notre Dame. The timing of the switch may have consequences, however, that should be carefully considered.

Internal Transfer Opportunities
First Year students at Notre Dame who were not previously approved for Mendoza have two opportunities to apply for transfer into the College of Business during their first year. First Year students who are interested in pursuing business are encouraged to let their FY advisor know so they can advise them on course selection in the first year. Transfers into Mendoza will not be considered outside of the two application windows in the first year and all internal transfers must be accepted into Mendoza prior to the start of their sophomore year. The application process is highly competitive.

External Transfers
Applications for external transfer to Mendoza from another university occur in the spring of the freshman year and are contingent upon successful completion of one year at another institution. This is a highly competitive process. External transfers must matriculate as a first semester sophomore into the Mendoza College of Business.

All transfer students are expected to complete, at a minimum, a semester of Calculus, Statistics and Principles of Microeconomics prior to the start of the sophomore year.

For more information about admission to the University of Notre Dame or the Mendoza College of Business, including internal and external transfer, please contact the Notre Dame Office of Admissions at (574) 631-7505 or


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