Mendoza School of Business

Dean’s Vision

“We are committed to our mission to Grow the Good in Business by developing leaders who contribute to human flourishing, cooperate with others in solidarity and compete toward becoming the best version of themselves through serving others.”

The Three C’s of Business

As part of his vision for the Mendoza College of Business, Dean Martijn Cremers is committed to advancing the College’s distinctive mission as a Catholic business school that seeks to produce top academic research and educate business leaders who contribute to human flourishing, cooperate in solidarity and compete with excellence. In his “Dean’s Letter,” he describes these “Three C’s” of business — three principles necessary for business seeking to be a force for shared good for all stakeholders:

CONTRIBUTE to human flourishing, serving others in response to all the gifts we have received, through which we ourselves flourish.
COOPERATE in solidarity through teamwork as part of a community, and prioritize those with the greatest needs.
COMPETE externally in the marketplace and internally toward the best version of oneself, by the grace of God and with the help of others.

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Essays, Commentaries & Speeches

Dean Martijn Cremers affirms Mendoza’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion as foundational to the College’s imperative to Grow the Good in Business™: to educate business leaders who focus on contributing to everyone in society, to cooperating in solidarity and to creating a culture where we succeed and grow together.

Martijn Cremers presented during the Education and Training session of the conference. The theme was “The Milestones of the Integral Ecology for a Human Economy.”

In his talk, Dean Cremers highlighted three closely related central themes from Laudato Si’ and Catholic Social Teaching, which he linked to a vision of business, specifically to the role of business schools in contributing to a sustainable society. He also provided a practical example of these principles in action at Mendoza College of Business.

Martijn Cremers came to Notre Dame with his family in 2012 out of a desire to integrate his Catholic faith with serving as a faculty member. As dean, his vision for Mendoza centers on his conviction that faith is a critical element to help finance contribute to human flourishing.

Lower fees and rising volatility make active management more competitive, Dean Cremers writes.

Dean Cremers introduces the “Three C’s” of business — three principles necessary for business to be a force for shared good for all stakeholders.

This paper by Dean Cremers explores what Laudato Si teaches about corporate social responsibility.

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