Mendoza School of Business

Graduate Alumni Board

The College of Business often relies on alumni to provide advice and insights into the business world today. One of the most significant ways that ND alumni can assist the College is through involvement on the Graduate Alumni Board.

The Graduate Alumni Board serves in an advisory role to the graduate programs of the Mendoza College of Business. Board members provide advice regarding the direction of the graduate programs and insight into current business trends that are occurring in the marketplace and how those trends may affect professional education. The Board is currently made up of 28 alumni.

Board members are expected to attend semi-annual meetings, serve on at least one committee, participate in board projects, and make an annual contribution to Mendoza. The Board values candidates who have stayed active and involved with the College of Business, their local alumni club, and/or the University since graduation.

The Board strives to have alumni membership that represents a broad range of decades of graduation, geographical location and degrees bestowed. The board also strives to have a composition that reflects the College’s diverse alumni base. The 2018 Graduate Alumni Board application process is now closed. Applications will be reviewed by a committee made up of current board members and Mendoza staff.

Additional details about the Board include:

  • The board meets twice a year on campus with program directors and faculty. The meetings typically are held on a Friday in April and one Friday of a September or October home game weekend. Board members are expected to attend the meetings in person.
  • New Board members would begin serving on the Board starting in January, with the first meeting occurring in April.
  • Each board member serves on one of the following three committees: Admissions, Alumni Relations or Advancement. Each committee assists the College through annual projects throughout the year.
  • Members act as advocates for Mendoza, participating in volunteer activities through the Admissions, Alumni Relations, Career Services and Student Services departments. They also assist with Mendoza receptions taking place close to their home or place of business.
  • Members also assist the College with special, ad-hoc projects.
  • To qualify, you must hold either an MBA, EMBA, MSA, MNA, MSF, MSBA, MSB or MSM degree from Notre Dame. Board members serve a three-year term, with the option for a second three year term.