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Elevate your inner Data Analyst

Making business analytics accessible to everyone is a goal of the 2 ½-day program, Certificate in Business Analytics. The University of Notre Dame faculty understand the unique needs of working professionals in business. The curriculum of this program has been designed with you in mind.

Like many of the other non-degree, certificate programs offered through the Stayer Center for Executive Education, the Certificate in Business Analytics attracts individuals who bring a variety of experience levels and who represent a cross-section of business disciplines. Whatever discipline you represent, analytics can help you take the problems that you’re trying to solve and help you to apply data-driven models for informed decisions.

2 1/2 days

On campus, short course

Notre Dame

Highlights: Your Participant Experience

For a stronger grasp on business analytics, consider enrolling in this 2 1/2-day certificate program that offers just the knowledge you need to lead, develop, and execute data-driven strategies.

Designed for you.

You’re an experienced professional and already know a lot about business, which is why this program builds on that foundation to help you get the most of your learning experience.

We’re serious about management.

Stay challenged and focused with our world-class instructional team, whose experience and understanding of business analytics is second to none.

group of students in class

Implement changes at your workplace immediately.

Easily transition your data-driven decision making skills to your role in your organization.

Elevate Your Career

This program is more than a certificate. By participating in this program through the University of Notre Dame, you’ll gain access to the faculty who teach in the high-demand degree programs in business analytics in the Mendoza College of Business. Learn alongside other business professionals seeking to make better data-driven decisions.

Lean further in to your leadership role with the knowledge and skills you’ll accumulate during this certification program. Stay relevant in this fact-paced marketplace.

Develop a wider network of other business leaders looking to business analytics for making more-informed decisions.

Your Experience as a Participant

As a participant of the Certificate in Business Analytics, you’ll have opportunity to learn from faculty of Notre Dame, while you network with and study alongside other business professionals.

  • 2 1/2-day Immersion – Get ready. This is an intense 2 1/2-days of about data management, data visualization and concepts in machine learning and artificial intelligence in business.
  • Exchange Ideas With Other Business Professionals – A professional development program offered through the Stayer Center for Executive Education is an opportune time to meet and collaborate with people in similar roles and responsibilities across a variety of industries.
  • Ongoing Professional Development – Through webinars with instructors and staff that take place throughout the year, and a variety of resources made available online, you can connect with other past participants around topics you’ve studied while on campus for Certificate in Business Analytics or other professional development programs offered through the Stayer Center..

What You’ll Learn

In the Certificate in Business Analytics, the instructors will teach you how to communicate effectively with data scientists and executives alike. You’ll get insight on how to represent data visually in order to spot trends, how to use both predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to make better decisions, how to identify ideal candidates for data analytics positions, and much more.


Registration for the Certificate in Business Analytics is open to all interested candidates, though we recommend registrants to have a basic understanding of business in order to enhance their experience in the program. It’s best to register at least three weeks prior to the start of the program to allow enough time to complete the reading assignment and confirm your ability to access the learning portal via your laptop before the program. Exceptions are made to this by individual request and based upon space available.

Key Dates

Program start – Oct. 12-14, 2020 (starting with Welcome and Introductions during the lunch at noon ET, and ending at the end of the business day on Wednesday). 

Enroll now.

Participation Fee

(See the online enrollment form for Early Bird pricing and deadlines.)

  • For-profit organization: $2195
  • Nonprofit organization: $1755

Please note that lodging is not included. The full fee is due prior to the start of the program. Cancellations must be submitted three weeks prior to the start of a session or you will be subject to the full fee.

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Upon the successful completion of this program, you will receive a document certifying that you completed the program. The document will not qualify as an academic credential, and you will not earn any academic credit from the University. Though you will be enrolled in the Executive Education Certificate Program, you will not be considered a student at the University, and completion of the program will not make you eligible for alumni status from the University of Notre Dame.