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NEW! Virtual Municipal Finance Workshop Spring 2021

Welcome to the Virtual Municipal Finance Workshop! The purpose of this workshop is to bring together junior and seasoned academics to present and discuss research on contemporary issues in municipal finance, a fast-growing subfield of finance which tackles important issues for local governments and “main street” investors.

The schedule of presentations is provided below. Each workshop presentation will take place on Wednesday from 12:00pm to 1:00pm EDT during the Fall 2020 semester. Presenters will be provided with 45 minutes to present their research, with intermittent breakpoints for questions from the audience. The final 15 minutes of the hour is reserved for additional questions from the audience. A link to each paper can be found by clicking on the title of the paper. The presenter of each paper is indicated in bold. Participants can access the virtual Zoom session using the “Event Registration” link provided for each week.

Questions can be directed to the seminar co-organizers, Pengjie Gao from the University of Notre Dame (, Dermot Murphy from the University of Illinois at Chicago (, and Daniel Garrett from the University of Pennsylvania (

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Call for Papers

We are now accepting paper submissions for the Spring 2021 semester. Details of the submission process can be found here.



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Calling All Issuers
Huaizhi Chen, University of Notre Dame
Lauren Cohen, Harvard University
Weiling Liu, Northeastern University

Sea Level Rise and Municipal Bond Yields
Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, Yale University
Matthew Gustafson, Pennsylvania State University
Ryan Lewis, University of Colorado
Michael Schwert, University of Pennsylvania

Contagion or Creative Destruction? Impact of Corporate Bankruptcies on Local Governments
Sudheer Chava, Georgia Institute of Technology
Baridhi Malakar, Georgia Institute of Technology
Manpreet Singh, Georgia Institute of Technology

The Price of Safety: The Evolution of Insurance Value in Municipal Markets
Kimberly Cornaggia, Pennsylvania State University
John Hund, University of Georgia
Giang Nguyen, Pennsylvania State University

The Economic Consequences of GASB Financial Statement Disclosure
Michael Dambra, State University of New York at Buffalo
Omri Even-Tov, University of California – Berkeley
James Naughton, University of Virginia