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Contact a Student

hou headshotAlice Hou

“The MSA program brings together a strong cohort of intelligent, passionate, and driven individuals that motivate each other in and out of the classroom. The ND family makes the program an amazing experience and opens many doors for future success.”

Allison McGloin headshotAllison McGloin

“Being a part of the Notre Dame community means that you always have a support system from professors, advisors, and alumni who are dedicated to helping you reach your goals. The MSA program offers real-life experience that I know will be helpful later on in my career.”

yoon headshotJake Yoon

“Notre Dame is more than just a school. It’s a place where you will be challenged to exceed your limits every day. It’s a place where you will meet life-long friends and colleagues. It’s a place where you will forever cherish memories. Once a Domer, always a Domer.”

kovic headshotKatie Kovic

“I chose Notre Dame because of the countless opportunities available to students inside and outside of the classroom, as well as the outstanding alumni network. Being a student in the MSA program has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth and has brought me lifelong friendships. I feel blessed to be a member of the ND family!”

Lauren Matchett headshotLauren Matchett

“In one word, Notre Dame is: Family. The MSA program exemplifies this trait through the valuable experiences it offers, the challenges it presents in and outside of the classroom and most importantly through the incredible support system it offers. In just one year, the faculty and MSA peers become family and Notre Dame quickly becomes home.”

Rebecca Wiley headshotRebecca Wiley

“The MSA Program at Notre Dame is not just an opportunity to advance your technical knowledge. It is a chance to challenge yourself and others, ask questions, grow in faith, become a leader, and meet incredible people with the same aspirations. I am incredibly blessed for all that Notre Dame and the MSA Program has provided.”

Zach Myszka headshotZach Myszka

“I love Notre Dame because it serves a higher calling. I have grown intellectually, spiritually, and professionally over the course of the MSA program. I know that I can become a leader in accounting not just because of the skills that I learned here, but also because of the personal formation and development fostered by the MSA and Notre Dame.”