Mendoza School of Business

EMBA Curriculum

The 50-credit EMBA curriculum will develop your capacity as an executive to think strategically, while building the leadership skills for which Notre Dame is famous. You will be prepared for the constant change of today’s business world, focused on critical skills such as situational awareness, strategic analysis and a systems approach, all to provide sustainable competitive advantages.

Unique courses such as Executive Integral Leadership develop a leadership perspective, while Design Thinking & Innovation provides new insights into customers’ minds. During Electives Week, students from both programs come together to learn and network with a larger group of professionals. The curriculum comes together to develop unique Notre Dame leaders, ready to create and implement resilient strategic plans, and capable of inspiring those around them.

When you first enter the program, you are assigned to a small-group study team of individuals from different industries and backgrounds. The team approach creates a collaborative learning environment and enables students to leverage their varying skill sets for maximum success through the program. Performance in the program is determined by team successes on projects as well as individual performance on exams and other classroom deliverables.

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