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Global EMBA Curriculum

The 50-credit Global EMBA curriculum will develop your capacity as an executive to think strategically, while building the leadership skills for which Notre Dame is famous.

You will be prepared for the constant change of today’s business world, focused on critical skills such as situational awareness, strategic analysis and a systems approach, all to provide sustainable competitive advantages.

When you first enter the program, you are assigned to a small-group study team of individuals from different industries and backgrounds. The team approach creates a collaborative learning environment and enables students to leverage their varying skill sets for maximum success through the program. Performance in the program is determined by team successes on projects as well as individual performance on exams and other classroom deliverables.

August Global Immersion in Ireland
Executive Integral Leadership


Advanced Analysis

June Electives
Electives Week or Singapore Immersion

Advanced Analysis

March Global Immersion in South America
International Immersion Capstone

Sustained Advantage

Cliffs of Moher (Photo by Barbara Johnston/University of Notre Dame)
Global Immersion in Ireland
Executive Integral Leadership

In this transformative course abroad in Ireland, you'll acquire the skills to blend the cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, physical, moral, and spiritual facets of effective leadership.Through a combination of assessments, simulations, case studies, and small group exercises, students will be empowered with newfound insights and practical resources. Additionally, a personalized executive coaching session will aid you in comprehending and harnessing your feedback, allowing you to create an action plan that maximizes the influence of the Global EMBA program on your leadership growth.

Year 1 Courses

  • Executive Integral Leadership
  • Financial Accounting
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Introduction to Statistical Analytics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Operations Strategy & Supply Chain Management
  • Leadership and Decision Making
  • Investments
  • Equity Valuation
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Strategic Cost Management
Photo of participants in executive education program at Notre Dame
Optional Global Immersion
June Electives Week

In June following the first year, students have the option to participate in a weeklong residency at Notre Dame, where they can take two 1.5-credit elective courses, or opt for a 3-credit finance course in Singapore during elective week. This is an opportunity for all Global EMBA cohorts to come together and network with a larger group of professionals. The selection of elective courses and international locations varies annually to meet the current needs of our students. Recent courses include: Leadership Communications, Digital Technologies and Business Strategies, Best Leader Self: Transforming Your Leadership, Digital Marketing, and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Year 2 Courses

  • Foundations of Ethical Business Conduct
  • Data & Technology for Senior Leaders
  • Business Law (online & in-person)
  • Negotiations
  • Social Innovation
  • Design Thinking & Innovation

All Global EMBA students will participate in a required international immersion working on small team projects in non-U.S. locations during Notre Dame’s Spring Break in March.

  • International Immersion Capstone
  • Strategic Planning for Growth
  • Advanced Marketing
  • Global Finance
  • Corporate Governance
  • EIL Applied Learning
Global Immersion in South America
International Immersion Capstone

This course allows students to learn first-hand about how to effectively do business in different areas of the world. Students will apply systems thinking analysis to a company in a non-U.S. location. Students learn to frame problems holistically, using judgment to make decisions on multiple (potentially conflicting) perspectives in order to develop a rigorous yet resilient approach to solving complex business issues. In addition, you will be exposed to business and government leaders in the countries selected and learn how to deal with the challenges of traveling internationally.

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