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Dr. Kay Park is an alumna from Northwestern University and earned her medical degree from the University of Chicago Medical medical school. She’s also a wife and a mother to twin teenagers. So what drove her to seek an EMBA degree on top of all of that?

-Kay Park.

“Being a physician means that every minute of your day is involved in patient care unless you carve out time for breaks, lunch, etc. I started this program purely as a curiosity- to grow my business knowledge and to learn things outside the field of medicine.

Many of my cohort had specific goals for getting their EMBA and I applaud them for doing it. My goal was purely for the experience but I gained so much more than I expected.

There is never going to be a good or perfect time to do this. You have to decide what you want, no guilt. It will be a wonderful learning experience where you meet people from all walks of life and enhance your skill set.”

I chose Notre Dame for many reasons, but mainly due to the focus of growing the good in business. Being in the medical field inherently focuses on ethical behaviors. I needed a program that would focus on ethical business practices. Kay P. EMBA '21
Lead from your Core Values

You’ll refine your creative and strategic problem-solving skills as we challenge you to think differently, reflect deeply and transform your approach to problem solving. Your journey begins with the Executive Integral Leadership, a weeklong, high-impact program on the Notre Dame campus that students call “transformational.”

Work as a team, succeed as a team

You’ll be assigned to a small-group study team of people from different industries and backgrounds when you first enter the program. This approach creates a collaborative learning environment and enables you to leverage varying skill sets for maximum success through the program.

Immerse yourself in International Business

Participate in the weeklong, project-based international immersion experience, where you’ll be connected with an international company or organization to help solve a specific business challenge. Past students have traveled to Brussels, China and Turkey to apply their first-year coursework in an international setting

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