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Grow Irish in Mexico City

Grow Irish Week is one of the highlights of your Mendoza education. It happens twice annually, in mid-October after Mod 1 and mid-March after Mod 3, and features immersive, off-campus learning experiences that challenge you to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom, demonstrate what you’re capable of, and create a vision for your future.

Grow personally and professionally through hands-on experiences

Grow your circle by networking with the ND community

Grow the good in business by driving real-world impact


Given the traditional MBA recruiting cycles, Fall Grow Irish becomes a pivotal period for first-year MBA students to prioritize acquiring technical skills. During Fall Grow Irish Week, first-year MBA students will engage in professional development sessions focused on building and leading diverse, high-functioning teams. Additionally, first-year students have the opportunity to select from a diverse array of pathway-aligned, weeklong skill-building classes offered on campus, including:

      • Consulting: Case Interview Prep
      • Finance: Corporate Valuation and Financial Modeling
      • Tech and Marketing: Data Storytelling with Tableau
      • All Pathways: Strategic Communication: How to Speak and Persuade Like an Executive

In their second year, MBA students have the opportunity to prioritize Grow Irish consulting projects in international locations, enhancing their readiness for taking on leadership roles in companies with a global reach. Alternatively, students may choose to fulfill their Grow Irish requirement by participating in a Business on the Frontlines course.

Early March

During Spring Grow Irish, many MBA students are ready to put their business knowledge into action and gain valuable professional experience through a weeklong domestic consulting project with a real client. Leveraging the power of the Notre Dame alumni network, the Experiential Learning team connects MBA student teams with diverse project organizations representing a wide range of career paths.

In their second year, MBA students can opt for international Grow Irish consulting projects to enhance their readiness for leadership roles in global companies. Alternatively, they can enroll in on-campus skill-building classes, such as:

      • Applied Excel
      • Change Management
      • Data Storytelling with Tableau
      • Introduction to Python
      • Introduction to SQL
      • Introduction to Tableau
      • Merger Consequences & Leveraged Buyout Modeling

Students may also choose to fulfill their Grow Irish requirement by participating in a Business on the Frontlines course.

Grow Irish was a great growth experience both professionally and personally. It was an intense week of work in which I was able to put into practice everything I've learned over the past year in the MBA. Juan Pablo, MBA ‘24
group of people standing outside a building with a cactus

Notre Dame MBA students arrive in El Paso, Texas, to consult with Food City Supermarkets, a third-generation, family run business led by ND alumni Stanley Santos, ND ’82, and Melissa Santos, ND ’11.

The Grow Irish hands-on experiential learning project immersed students in the sights, sounds, and smells of Food City’s bakery, beloved for its made-from-scratch Mexican delicacies.

Grow Irish students take notes from their partners at Food City

The team gets to work as it strives to improve the customer experience and production practices for Food City’s bakery and deli departments.

group shot of grow irish students at a table with clients from food city

The Grow Irish team caps off the week with a feast worthy of Food City’s reputation.

group of five seated around a wooden table enjoying a lively discussion with laptops open

The MBA students on Team Starta began their week with a deep dive into startup competitions.

group seated in a comfortable living area

Students and project mentors exchange ideas in building Starta VC’s next generation of startup competitions and programming for budding entrepreneurs in and around New York City.

group deep in discussion

The students talk through their research and strategies before sharing their final recommendations with Starta VC leadership.

group of five posing

Team Starta knows they hit the mark after delivering their final presentation.

group of standing standing in front of a large glass storefront which reads "the Canvas"

The Canvas Global, an NYC-based curator of international brands that offers unique and rare products, welcomed the Notre Dame MBA Grow Irish consulting project team.

group of three pointing at a clothing rack inside a store

Students analyzed store inventory as they developed a data-driven growth strategy for The Canvas Global.

group of three in a well lit store

Student Rushil Bedi (center) reflected: “I had the invaluable opportunity to harness the knowledge and skills acquired in my classes to formulate strategic recommendations that not only accelerated the startup’s growth but also significantly enhanced their overall business strategy.”

3 men and 2 women posing in front of a large window before a cityscape

Notre Dame MBA students traveled to NYC to work with Consulting for a Cause, a for-profit consulting firm founded by Paula Barbag that focuses on equitable healthcare access for women.

a young man wearing a suit and classes speaking in front of a slide presentation

At a critical stage in the organization’s development, students presented its diverse stakeholders and collaborators with a detailed business plan and growth strategy.

group of three wearing business professional discussing with laptops open

Grow Irish encourages students to listen deeply to each other, their mentors, and clients to find novel solutions to the challenges they face.

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