Mendoza School of Business

MBA Majors

Choose one of five MBA Majors to strengthen your skill set and build toward your professional goals. Then enrich your profile by pairing your major with any selection of MBA Minors.

Designed for students interested in building a solid business foundation across disciplines with a focus on critical and creative approaches to solving business problems. Through projects and experiential learning, students will prepare to facilitate teams, manage client relationships, develop presentations and proposals, and participate in new business development.


Designed for students seeking roles in investment corporate finance, commercial banking, investment banking, investment management, and management consulting, the Finance major provides students with a wide base of knowledge that will prepare them for financial leadership at top companies. Our renowned finance faculty offer a range of courses that help students build strong analytical, decision-making, and leadership skills. 

Designed for students interested in marketing roles focused on using behavioral and analytical insights to better understand consumer needs, product markets and customer journeys. These roles help companies and brands communicate more effectively to target markets while driving sales.


Designed for students interested in the analytics-driven areas of marketing, ranging from data extraction, valuation modeling and distribution decisions to digital marketing strategy and social media management.


Designed for students interested in using cutting-edge quantitative techniques and computer software to help businesses make better decisions through data mining, statistical modeling, optimization and project management.

MBA Minors

  • Strategy
  • International Business
  • Leadership
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Social Impact
  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Investments
  • Marketing
  • Digital Marketing & Marketing Analytics
  • Brand Management
  • Digital Product Marketing
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management

Mendoza School of Business
Mendoza School of Business