Mendoza School of Business

Molly Hiniker, MBA ’22

The Mendoza College of Business Two-Year MBA Class of 2022 saw a record-breaking 38 female students enrolled in the cohort, marking the program's highest female enrollment in 10 years. Here, we highlight the women behind this record-breaking cohort, by sharing their goals and reasons for choosing the Notre Dame MBA.

Top Three Reasons for Pursuing an MBA?

  1. Learning how to lead
  2. Improving my technical business skills
  3. Refining my problem-solving abilities

What are your goals after the program?

To combine my passions for marketing and data analysis in a brand management career, to create a positive change through business, and to contribute to the Notre Dame alumni network.

Do you participate in student clubs or associations?

  • Marketing Club
  • Business Analytics Club
  • Women in Business Club
  • Mendoza Professional Services
  • Toast Like a Champion Today
  • Sports Business Club

What are you reading right now?

“How Brands Grow” by Byron Sharp
“Creativity, Inc.” by Amy Wallace and Edwin Catmull