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David Hartvigsen

IT, Analytics, and Operations
  354 Mendoza College of Business
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David Hartvigsen received a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University in 1984. After eight years on the faculty of the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, he joined the Mendoza College of Business in 1993. His research interests are in the field of Operations Research where he develops algorithms for the efficient operation of complex networks. His work has appeared in a variety of mathematics and operations research journals.

For many years, Professor Hartvigsen taught Operations Management to traditional MBAs, executive MBAs, and undergraduate business majors. He currently teaches Statistics to executive MBAs and a course called Spreadsheet Decision Modeling to traditional MBAs. Professor Hartvigsen has published a book and software package, called SimQuick, that allows the user to model and improve the efficiency of processes using simulation in Excel spreadsheets.

Professor Hartvigsen served as Chairman of the Management Department from 2012-2015. His current home, the Information Technology, Analytics, and Operations Department, split from the Management Department in 2016.

Ph D, Carnegie-Mellon University
MS, Carnegie-Mellon University
BA, Colgate University

Areas of Expertise
Operations Research

Quantitative Analysis of Business
Spreadsheet Decision Modeling
Operations Management
Business Applications on Spreadsheets
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