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Nicholas Berente

Professor; Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs
IT, Analytics, and Operations
  275 Mendoza College of Business
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Nick Berente studies digital innovations like artificial intelligence technologies and their organizational, institutional, and ethical implications. He teaches courses on Strategic Business Technology and serves as Mendoza's Senior Associate Dean of Academic Programs, Faculty Director of Notre Dame's iNDustry Labs, Director of the GAMA Lab, and affiliated faculty in Notre Dame's Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society and also Notre Dame's Technology Ethics Center. Prof. Berente received his PhD from Case Western Reserve University and conducted postdoctoral studies at the University of Michigan. He was an entrepreneur prior to his academic career, founding two technology companies. He is the principal investigator for a number of U.S. National Science Foundation projects and has won multiple awards for his teaching and his research. Prof. Berente is a senior editor for MIS Quarterly and for Information and Organization.

Postdoc, University of Michigan
Ph D, Case Western Reserve University
MBA, Case Western Reserve University
BSBA, John Carroll University

Areas of Expertise
digital innovation, digital transformation, organizational & insitutional change, cyberinfrastructure, artificial intelligence

Editorial Boards
Senior Editor
MIS Quarterly
June 1, 2022

Senior Editor
Information and Organization
January 1, 2020

Associate Editor
MIS Quarterly
January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2021

Associate Editor
Information and Organization
January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2019

Associate Editor
Information Systems Research
January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2016

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"The Effect of Bots on Human Interaction in Online Communities", (With Hani Safadi, John Lalor), MIS Quarterly - Accepted (awaiting publication)

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"Outstanding Research Award", Department of IT, Analytics & Operations, 2024

"Faculty Service Award", AIS Doctoral Student College , 2023

"Best Journal Paper Runner Up", Academy of Management CTO Division, 2022

"Best Theory Development Paper Award", International Conference on Information Systems, 2021

"AIS Distinguished Member, Cum Laude", Association for Information Systems, 2020

"Best Paper Award", Information Systems Research, 2019

"Best Paper Award", PEARC Workforce Track, 2019

"Best Publication Award", Association for Information Systems, 2019

"Outstanding Associate Editor Award", MIS Quarterly, 2018

"Best Journal Paper Runner-Up", Academy of Management OCIS Division, 2017

"Best Theory Development Paper Award", International Conference on Information Systems, 2017

"Associate Editor of the Year Award", Information Systems Research, 2016

"Board Member Recognition Award", Information and Organization, 2016

"Best Paper Award", Academy of Management OCIS Division, 2015

"Best Paper Award", International Conference on Information Systems, 2015

"Best IS Publication Award", Association for Information Systems, 2014

"Best Paper Award", Information and Organization, 2014

"Outstanding Paper Award", Americas Conference on Information Systems Research Methods Track, 2014

"Best Journal Paper Runner-Up", Academy of Management OCIS Division, 2013

"E. Grosvenor Plowman Best Paper Award", Supply Chain Management Educators' Conference , 2011

"Doctoral Dissertation Award", ACM SIGMIS, 2009

"Outstanding Paper Award", IT & People, 2009

"Outstanding Reviewer Award", Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 2007

Academy of Management CTO Doctoral Consortium, National Science Foundation (NSF), $29,275

Transforming Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing Firms Through Participatory AI Adoption and Implementation, National Science Foundation (NSF), $150,000

Understanding the Assumptions of Principal Investigators Making the Leap to Large”, National Science Foundation (NSF), $96,000

Not just for fun: What can we learn from video games about digital age organizations?, Schlindwein Family Grant, $15,000

Collaborative Strategies for Successful Large-Scale, Distributed Science and Engineering Projects, National Science Foundation (NSF), $119,000

XSEDE 2.0 Sub-award: Integrating, Enabling and Enhancing National Cyberinfrastructure , National Science Foundation (NSF), $250,000

Fostering Successful Innovative Large-Scale, Distributed Science and Engineering Projects through Integrated Collaboration, National Science Foundation (NSF), $100,000

Research Collaboration Network for Managing Collaborative Research Centers, National Science Foundation (NSF), $500,000

Virtual Organization Resources and Toolkits Exchange (VORTEX), National Science Foundation (NSF), $205,000

Managing Cyberinfrastructure Centers in a Demanding Era The Development of Science Executives, National Science Foundation (NSF), $290,000

Supporting Successful Design and Management of Research Centers, National Science Foundation (NSF), $300,000

Electronic Health Records and Caregiver-Patient Interaction, Novant Health, $7,500