Mendoza School of Business

Seth Berry

Academic Co-Director of the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) Residential Program; Associate Teaching Professor
IT, Analytics, and Operations
  337 Mendoza College of Business
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After receiving his Ph.D. in Applied Experimental Psychology, Seth started his journey at Notre Dame as the Survey Methodology Consultant for the Center for Social Research (CSR). During his time in the CSR, he was involved in a veritable cornucopia of research. Seeking to further refine his skills, he took a Data Scientist position in the Mendoza College of Business. While engaging in many feats of data imagineering over a few years, Seth began teaching the occasional class for the Information Technology, Analytics, and Operations (ITAO) department. These dalliances developed into a more serious relationship, as he is now teaching for ITAO full time. In addition to teaching, he hopes to pursue several lines of research that have always been of interest to him (modern survey methods and anthropomorphic avatars, just to name a few). In addition to statistical programming, Seth enjoys building an array of home furnishings and developing his skills as an amateur stuntman.

Areas of Expertise
Statistical programming