Mendoza School of Business

Zhi Da

Howard J. and Geraldine F. Korth Professor of Finance
  258 Mendoza College of Business
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Zhi Da is a Professor of Finance. His research focuses on empirical asset pricing and investment. In recent papers, he studied the returns on financial assets surrounding liquidity events, cash flow risks of financial assets, equity analyst forecasts, and the mutual fund performance. He was a finalist for the Lehman Brothers Fellowship for Research Excellence in Finance (2005). Zhi also received competitive research grants from Moody’s KMV and Morgan Stanley. He teaches an elective course on debt instruments at Notre Dame. After gaining a BBA and an MSc from National University of Singapore, he worked at the interest rate and exotic derivative trading desk in DBS Bank. He subsequently earned a PhD in Finance from Northwestern University.

Ph D, Northwestern University
MS, National University of Singapore
BBA, National University of Singapore

Areas of Expertise
Empirical Asset Pricing

"Fiscal Policy, Consumption Risk, and Stock Returns: Evidence from US States", (With Mitch Warachka, Hayong Yun), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 53, 2018

"Industrial Electricity Usage and Stock Returns", (With Dayong Huang, Hayong Yun), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 52, 2017

"It Depends on Where You Search: Institutional Investor Attention and Under-reaction to News", (With Azi Ben-Rephael , Ryan Israelsen), Review of Financial Studies, 30, 2017

"Household Production and Asset Prices", (With Wei Yang, Hayong Yun), Management Science, 62, 2016

"What Moves Investment Growth?", (With Long Chen, Borja Larrian), Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 48, 2016

"Lottery Tax Windfalls, State-Level Fiscal Policy, and Consumption", (With Hayong Yun, Mitch Warachka), Economics Letters, 129, 2015

"The Sum of All FEARS: Investor Sentiment and Asset Prices", (With Joey Engelberg, Pengjie Gao), Review of Financial Studies, 28, 2015

"What Drives Stock Price Movement", (With Long Chen, Xinlei Zhao), Review of Financial Studies, 26, 2013