Mendoza School of Business

Alison Lanski

Assistant Teaching Professor
IT, Analytics, and Operations
  326 Mendoza Hall
  • Biography

Alison Lanski is an Assistant Teaching Professor of IT, Analytics, and Operations in the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame, where she teaches courses related to business analytics, coding, and data communication for undergraduate and professional students.

Alison came to Mendoza from the Office of Strategic Planning & Institutional Research at Notre Dame where she provided analyses to decision-makers, managed and created ETL data flows, and contributed to the development of dataND. She gained additional practical technical and pedagogical expertise through prior roles on campus, including Business Intelligence, the Kaneb Center for Teaching Excellence, and the Department of Classics. At heart, Alison is just a nerd who loves languages: ancient, modern, coding, and data. Outside of academics, Alison plays ultimate and will probably try to recruit you for South Bend's summer league.