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Richard Marcantonio

Assistant Teaching Professor
Management & Organization
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Dr. Richard (Drew) Marcantonio is a researcher, teacher, and practitioner focused on regenerative and durable livelihoods, environmental management and policy, environmental and other violence, and peacebuilding. He is the author of Environmental Violence: In the Earth System and the Human Niche (2022; Cambridge University Press), co-author of the textbook Environmental Management: Concepts and Practical Skills (2022; Cambridge University Press), and lead co-editor (with John Paul Lederach and Agustin Fuentes) of Environmental Violence Explored (in press; Cambridge University Press). He has published numerous peer-reviewed, policy, and public facing articles in periodicals ranging from Climate and Development to Environmental Science and Policy to the popular periodical the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. He has conducted research and practice on these critical issues on five continents working with communities, elected officials, regulators, corporations, and NGOs alike. Additionally, Drew is a US Marine combat veteran, a certified Wilderness First Responder and American Mountain Guide Association Climbing Instructor, and an experiential leadership development professional.

Drew holds a B.A. in Geography and the Environment from the University of Texas - Austin, an M.P.A. in Environmental Management from Indiana University - Bloomington, and an M.A. in Anthropology and a Ph.D. in Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame.

Ph D, University of Notre Dame
MA, University of Notre Dame
MPA, Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs
BA, University of Texas

Areas of Expertise
environmental violence
environmental management
environment, enterprise, and peacebuilding
risk modeling
environmental law and policy (US and international)
mixed quantitative/qualitative methods
community-based participatory research
Integral Human Ecology

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